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  1. Hence why I said islamists and not Muslims.
  2. Osama's dead and the body is in US custody. Suck on that islamists.
  3. It COULD have something to do with the fact that you haven't fought anyone with an NS of over 10k for the past few months
  4. To be fair, pacifica used to do that when they were in control.
  5. lolcricket Still, congrats India.
  6. No, we're not. And how are you surprised that we fight back when someone calls for our genocide?
  7. That would be like Ashoka replying to you by saying "I'm canadian, not american." The fact remains that your people stole their land from someone, just like someone else stole your land. Crying about it in the way you do only makes you racist, "Its all right when I do it but not you."
  8. This is well written, but reeks of bias.
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