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  1. Carson

    Trading Harbor Rules/Singular Trades

    Team: Orange Nation Name: Renegade States National Leader: Carson Link to Nation: https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=348817 Your Resources: sugar and spices Needed Resources: aluminum and cattle
  2. hey, i need two members to help my complete my orange TC...we need aluminum, iron, fish and marble...hit me up in-game...thanks... http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=348817
  3. sucks to see this...ive always respected STA, and when we decided to improve relations with you and eventually sign with you as treaty partners, i was totally stoked...there have been very few alliances that i wanted to be allied with as i was with you guys...good luck with whatever you guys do in the future, and im glad that we'll continue to defend your name...
  4.   yeah, whoever was responsible for that (Lord Bagel, i believe) should be perma-ZI'd...     i think she only appears on the 5-year marks...although maybe if you spin around, say her name three times, and look in a mirror, you'll see her...
  5. Carson

    Order off Order

    congrats on the peace, Pacifica...   o/ NPO
  6. thanks, everyone...happy birthday to my fellow ODNistas...   (Year 9 is when we make our move to be on top by our 10th birthday, right? :P)
  7. Carson

    Peace in Our Time!

      Roll Stefano
  8. Carson

    Peace in Our Time!

      lines being drawn, but when did you first know about it ha     yah, ive said that on our boards...either non-coalition warfare, or all of Bob vs. the Neutral Menace...
  9. Carson

    Peace in Our Time!

      miley was bad enough, but after this travesty, im severing our friendship, Bagel...   good fight against all my opponents, my only regret is that i had to scale back and even *ugh* turtle my last couple of rounds of war...i was especially impressed with the coordination of the Farkers i fought, as well as the Polarite trio of Dajobo, Almighty Grub, and EaTeMuP...it was a fun war against you guys, and i salute you for you skill on the battlefield   o/
  10. Carson

    Can't buy nukes in SE

    i cant buy nukes either
  11. Carson

    An INT Announcement

    wow, we managed to keep this under wraps for this long?  go INT and CnG.....   good luck, my commie brothers...you may have left CnG, but the Orange Army pact goes on...
  12. Carson

    Announcement from the Mushroom Kingdom

        but, but, who's going to pull our strings and make Os twerk or do the hustle, or whatever the hell you guys have Os do?  farewell, puppetmasters...you guys were my favorite alliance that isn't us...   o/MK   Allarchon Akbar
  13. Carson

    ODN Election

      Comrade Abstain shall have his day yet
  14. Carson

    Final BFF Announcement, DoE

    good luck Chax and LPH