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  1. I hear Crymson and Grub are the ones behind it.
  2. I don't see many ladies in this line-up... What a bunch of sexist assholes. Terrible gov. EDIT: what is this auto-correct?! I don't even...
  3. Wanna see? : http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000066
  4. I do love you Ginger. With all my tiny little heart. I am still not dumping money on your lawn though. I just don't pay for love. :D
  5. Well, it doesn't really matter I believe. I was communist, full soldiers, full tanks, DEFCON1and I was around to rebuy. While I didn't get thrown into anarchy, I doubt I'll be able to run much of an attack during this war. Turtle time I guess. :p
  6. Terrible government. And terrible decision on not nuking people daily and giving them the opportunity to speak for themselves instead. Weak.
  7. Well, that war was expected. It was pretty clear we'd have to have a go at each others. I'd wish you good luck TPC, but I'd rather you don't have too much of it until the war expires. :p
  8. Who voted for these clowns? Get your acts together Paradoxians! Let's get rid of this silly thing called democracy and set up a proper throne for our rightful king.
  9. No more MCRABT? Damn. Good luck Mia. Come and visit when you got time.
  10. We are now officially a vassal alliance of Sparta. No matter, everybody knows we'll be fine as long as Lum is here to watch over us.
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