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  1. I have to defend TOP and their flunkies. They have a perfectly good right to make a counter offer regardless of how low it is. Now if someone in CnG could take the original offer, revise it up 10%, and present it as out reply to the TOP counter offer. Then I would be happy that the negotiatin is proceeding as it should. Start a fight, dont start squealing unfair when you start gettin a beating. Options are clear guys. Pay the original reps and the war ends. Fight on and be destoryed even more than we have done to you so far, then pay reps and the war ends. You know its not really about reps anyway. You guys in TOP and all of the other flunkies need to be asking yourselves. Who made the stupid decision that has led our Alliance to ruin? Should I follow a leader or Gov that endorced that decision that has led my Nation to ruin? Never worry about saying nuts to express an opinion just make sure your not nuts in the head and follow my leader of the cliff.
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