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  1. [quote name='Keve69' timestamp='1296714051' post='2617337'] Oh wF have had their fair share of flimsy CB's and/or lack thereof; you remember when they set UED up? [/quote] This gets a big LOL. Did a little reading and a little home work on that war. And i must say wF did nothing wrong other then let UED pull on everyone's heart strings. I was not around but they attacked wF so how and the world would it be a wF CB? Even if your right and it was wF pulled UED into that war, It would not change the fact that it would be a UED CB so reach some more please. This was World Feds first real large scale conflict, That's all there is to that reaching that we have bad CB's is just dumb. Unless you consider the STA one dumb then by all means think what you want.
  2. o/ Peace Good fight guys but very glad its over lol
  3. [quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1296519227' post='2613601'] I could post this in any of the topics about this front, but here is the reason you will not beat the GOONS. If I was a lower end GOONS nation I would be having the time of my life. I wouldn't wear down, I'd be eating this up. War is fun. War without consequence (15m in aid every 10 days) is even more fun. http://www.cybernations.net/search_aid.asp?search=427528&Extended=1 Now look at his wars. The guy will be able to destroy his opponents. They will be losing infra and they'll wake up and be pissed that their GOONS target just got 15M, maybe even buying a ton of infra, wiping out all their damage. They'll go their the superiors and ask, "Hey, I need aid too!" The superiors response will be, "Sorry, no can do, you are on your own." I can imagine this conversation being very tiresome, after the 50th time. Then that NPO nation or one of the other alliances that DoW'ed GOONS will get disillusioned and stop fighting. Maybe not all of them, but a bet a lot will just give their superior the middle finger and say they are hypocrites. Some will even leave their alliance in disgust. See the reason the lower-tier fighting strategy is going to be such a textbook failure is morale and membership loss due to the perceived levels of hypocrisy in leadership. Now anyone left in NSO probably won't leave. You guys have been through too much at this point and burned off the stragglers. But the newer members of Invicta, NPO, etc. Those alliances will be hardest hit. Infra can be rebought. Membership is a bit harder to regain. and in general: http://www.cybernations.net/search_aid.asp?searchstring=Declaring_Alliance%2CReceiving_Alliance&search=Goon%20Order%20of%20Oppression%20Negligence%20and%20Sadism&anyallexact=exact [/quote] If it was not for the 1.3Mil NS so far goons have lost i would go with you. But them guys are getting hurt somewhere somewhat not as bad as NPO mind you but never less they are, 1.3 mil is a lot to lose from a 5Mil alliance it means your taking a beating i should know lol. If anything you will be finding out how loyal GOON members are soonish.
  4. So you have one Mirco Fighting a Mirco and NpO And you have a Mirco fighting a Mirco and now VE. Umm am i missing something here? I guess it all depends on what side of the line you find you self From what i seen it just seems only one of the Mirco alliances know what it means to save a war chest. So they are mad that the fight evened up i guess you could say. And far as the we are bigger then you comments so we do what we want. They were offered white yes (white peace). Some of the things people use to slam alliances around here is a bit to funny.
  5. My wars with STA end at update. Just wanted to give a heads up to the STA guys i have been fighting with. You guys have fought hard hurt my nation a lot. And none of you felt the need to talk trash well doing it. I have always liked your alliance and like you all even more now. I just wish our alliances did not meet they way they did. I wish the best of luck to you guys thanks for a week of fun. Happy hunting USO out
  6. [quote name='Poyplemonkeys' timestamp='1296135057' post='2605468'] Aw don't make WF surrender yet Argent took all of the fun first time round so I've barely even started my world tour! [/quote] No worry's surrender wont get my vote. 0 Infra and o war chest and i will just ask for aid so i can nuke back. That's not even on the table at this point. Its still early on give it some time. Oh by the way for all you that like stats we dropped NOR by 100k NS yesterday WF has dropped by 900k over the last 6 days of war. And dropped by less then 300k last night who is failing out of the 3 to live up to what wF can do? I used NOR not NV or STA because we are the only ones fighting NOR using drops by the other two would be fail no clue what we did and what others did. Well i think this is my last post in here. Good luck to all have fun
  7. [quote name='Emperor Mudd' timestamp='1296085753' post='2603578'] Well aren't you special [/quote] Yes just as special as anyone else talking about what they (them) are about to do tonight. But thanks for pointing me out i guess i am the only person in the thread that don't bow down to there almighty power lol. Not that i mind NOR they have big heads well some of them but for the most part are alright.But i guess it is there thread so all the power to them. Well back to cleaning my nukes, Oh wait*look of shock* only NOR can have them right how in the heck did i get some? lol
  8. [quote name='Redneck' timestamp='1296082451' post='2603415'] and that was just LAST night..... wait till they see what happens to their pixels TONIGHT...... [/quote] Yes i am looking for it from both sides. Bet that one Anarchy of your guys wont last long. I feel two coming just from me tonight
  9. [quote name='Exige' timestamp='1296079454' post='2603339'] 100k drop? You may want to check your NS graphic again, it's way bigger than 100k NS [/quote] Yes i am sure right before Midnight last night it was 100k. The rest came after the update looks like 200k came. I am sure NOR was a big part of that, I am not saying you guys don't fight well. You all are doing fine in my wars so far. I would guess a little better then fine happy hunting anyways.
  10. [quote name='pezstar' timestamp='1296079230' post='2603329'] STA is at war with six alliances right now. Six. You declared an aggressive war on STA as the fifth alliance to declare on us. Seriously, you don't get to come whine about getting your butts kicked by the two alliances who declared on you. You guys are perfectly nice and reasonable, and we like you quite a bit. It's nice to meet you, and I'm sorry that it has to be on the battlefield, but this is what war is. If you declare war on an alliance, you will absolutely have their allies to contend with. [/quote] 6 really wow hmm i hear you, i am not crying really i am not just using facts. can you think of other alliances with just one on them? i am a young nation first time ever using nukes first time ever really saving up a war chest. and i am having at this point with my 6 wars the most fun i have ever had in CN.
  11. [quote name='pezstar' timestamp='1296078428' post='2603303'] I think that was his point. He was threatened for putting two alliances on WF. Yeah. Apparently, two alliances is "piling". [/quote] Yes that is true but right now wF has 3 front's. NOR 1 not that i am whining or crying just stating a fact. they did a good blitz i will give them that we dropped by 100k that night. How much of that was them and how much was STA or NV no clue, to tell the truth i think they are the only alliance in this war with one front at this point. But they are newcomers, but back to having fun. *Makes sure his nukes are ready to go for tonight* Happy hunting everyone i have been waiting for war. I may be at 0infra before its done at the rate i am dropping but i will have fun all the way down lol
  12. yes a few more hours then i get to Nuke some NOR dudes
  13. [quote name='Confusion' timestamp='1296024357' post='2602304'] The Viridian Entente Declared War on the Siberian Tiger Alliance in Defense of Poison Clan. At that moment, the World Federation also Declared War on the Siberian Tiger Alliance on the Optional Aggression Article of the treaty, Unless you hold an MADP (And you don't). Confusion. [/quote] Ok yes i guess that is right. I could not remember how this all got started lol
  14. [quote name='Ragashingo' timestamp='1296024037' post='2602293'] What'd they use on us? An oA as well? [/quote] No i don't think we did. I think that was more of a treaty chain D thing. But i don't know that for sure. lol
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