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  1. Touch....I touched you.

  2. Fate

    The Easter Sunday Accords

    Enough with the almost-homophone to a censored word. It's completely off topic, among other things.
  3. Fate

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    [quote name='bige142' date='06 April 2010 - 07:09 PM' timestamp='1270595322' post='2250844'] hey [/quote] Please refrain from spam posting in this thread. Or any other, for that matter.
  4. Fate

    CN Staff Announcement

    We have come, NONE. Your time is up. Insert other menacing sounding phrases here.
  5. Fate

    The End. It's coming.

    Gravedigging is bad, mmkay?
  6. Fate

    Accepting the Consequenses of War

    Perhaps I wasn't clear the first time. This topic is not about the KKK, it is not about racism, and I don't see the relevance to the black sphere. Any future comments along those lines will be met with full warns for derailment.
  7. Fate

    Accepting the Consequenses of War

    Enough with the KKK commentary, people. You have all made your point pretty clear by now.
  8. Fate

    To anyone who ever made an account on the RIA forums

    Moved to the Open World Forum given the OOC nature of hacking. This might help you talk more freely about the subject.
  9. Fate

    Another new record for CN!

    Gonna move this to the OWF given that this really was just about the battle system, which is inherently an OOC topic. Well, if it stays on topic.
  10. Fate

    An Open Letter to Archon:

    Bokonon doesn't match to a nation, but I see you've been recently unbanned, so please roll a nation prior to posting on these forums. If you have, then you should request a name change and should wait for it to go through before posting. Thank you.
  11. Fate

    Thanks CN Mods

    We really should have left that thread on here Also, I'd like to echo the remarks of others that you shouldn't hesistate to report any bugs or issues you experience with these new digs.
  12. Oh god, really? They've got a facebook-esque live feed?

    1. Philotheos


      No. It's your imagination. Also, seriously. Who uses facebook?

  13. Oh, you didn't, don't worry :)