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  1. Wow this was surprising didnt expect this to ever happen. this is a treaty of a lifetime!
  3. [quote name='Batallion' date='15 May 2010 - 07:06 PM' timestamp='1273968388' post='2299194'] Do my eyes deceive me or is that... JUSTIN BIEBER in those logs!?!?!?! [/quote] Yes it is otherwise known as Confusion from the alliance the New Guy
  4. Silence- 6 Allies of 1TF and I got to know some of em pretty good group NATO- 7 when i was in WAPA you fought hard and true not to mention you have a bar in your IRC! Global Order of Darkness- 5 Don't know ya that well but hope to get better We Are Perth Army-9 Bunch of drunken Scots, what more can you ask for! Global Democratic Alliance-7 Good group World Federation- 4 Opinions vary for me Argent- 5 don't know ye that well The Phoenix Federation- 6 Good fighters Awesome attitude too Genesis- 5 Don't know ya that well Imperial Assault Alliance-8 Awesome group just amazing Regnum
  5. Let the Tech raiders continue beating this sad show of an alliance
  6. [quote name='Rey the Great' date='15 May 2010 - 05:53 PM' timestamp='1273964012' post='2299124'] Man, you are the best possible choice for a DMoFA. ERA, you might want to sort it out with the entire gov't of another alliance in the future. If what you've posted is true, the MoFA of TSP might not have actually talked to everyone else. [/quote] Ik and tyvm I take that as a honorary Compliment coming from "Rey the Great"
  8. [quote name='CrazySonOfA' date='15 May 2010 - 03:26 PM' timestamp='1273955170' post='2299022'] first!! beat you baskan!! [/quote] might wanna look one above you
  9. O/ AZTEC GO US! And welcome UoE..... You'll be in good hands
  10. Oh lol dnt worry bout me One less person to worry bout kirke and that was worded really bad tbh
  11. Sorry kirke my alliance finally found me I havent had one since the end of the war lol ty and i appreciate what your doing!
  12. Nvm Comments:OW and your avvy and sig are horrible.....
  13. [quote name='Lusitan' date='10 May 2010 - 08:54 PM' timestamp='1273542852' post='2294289'] And Andover does not fail to deliver. Impressive, I can say I was seeing something like this coming, but not to this extent since I had no idea you were a RoK protectorate. First was the WAPA desertion in the middle of the war. Then trying to get in as mediator for the conflict you had deserted from while acting as you were the wronged party. And now this. Fantastic. [/quote] yes yes he did Then he got all snippy and tried to conduct peace talks that werent even his to mediate [quote name='Keve69'
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