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  1. Congrats on the Treaty. Well played. Indeed. GK, your work will NEVER be done.
  2. [quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1340683889' post='2996587'] You know what you must do FARK... [img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/__xQRsYhanvI/Ss9GB0rUFTI/AAAAAAAAA-Q/YuCe6-2Gx_o/s320/Moon+Attack.jpg[/img] Nukes > Moon Bases o/ FARK!!!! [/quote] Dammit, Wally. I wasted a perfectly good adult beverage!! Hilarious.
  3. Up to your usual standards, and my "go to" authoritative source, again.
  4. Hey, Kopp! I just wanted to let you know that I've read your Diary, and I support your endeavor. I presume there are no medical issues? I'm rooting for ya. Let me know how you did today!
  5. [quote]p.s. This is how you Casus Belli.[/quote] [b]Yes[/b], yes it is. [color="#483d8b"][i][b][u]Truly[/u][/b][/i][/color]. /0 App /0Biocorp /0Salty /0Rand
  6. Congrats, Kaskus! Lookin' purty good! Hey, Razor!!
  7. THat's why it's called a paradigm shift! <div><br></div><div>This is a really powerful presentation, if for no reason other than it challenges us to truly think differently about the possible third industrial revolution. I watched it, and then watched it again. I think it has a ton of merit. It should be given serious consideration. Thanks for the link.</div>
  8. I am not the oldest player in this game, dammit! But I am one of them. I do not remember WWII, but I got a lot of "first hand" reports on it from my father, Uncles, and their friends. My father landed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. He told me that there was one moment in that war that affected him more than any other: when his troop ship came sailing into New York Harbor in 1946, and he was finally "home". Those who fought and survived that war didn't talk about it much, even among themselves. Over time, however, my Dad would tell short snippets of his experiences in Europe during those ter
  9. I've been aware of FARK for years here, and in another realm. This is epic FARK.
  10. It has been an interesting time for us. Gone from the Cyberverse for very nearly a year, I decided to come back to the game. The major reason was to introduce a few friends to the planet, gently. Being a ruling Monarch can be a bit of a drag on one's social life. Rather than drag myself to the "social", I instead chose to drag the "social" to CN. What does that say about me? And I have joined a new Alliance begun by some friends, originally protected by other friends (since "graduated"). Today, we discover that we are now Director of Public Affairs (FA) for The Biohazard Corporation. Timing
  11. Congratulations on achieving your 5th Anniversary as a CN Alliance, TPF. I like to see many of my TOOL brothers and sisters amongst your ranks. I have a wall of text to type about this thread, but I will take my own advice, and leave it out of this happy occasion. As the years grow longer, it is true that there will be some who will match your accomplishment. I would love to think that many will, because the game will be better for it. HUZZAH!
  12. [quote name='Kzoppistan' timestamp='1339465358' post='2981111'] You are out of your !@#$@#$ mind. You were a drop in the bucket of tenure of gov members. You lasted, what, a week? Maybe two? And processed a handful of reports that I delegated to you and then you bailed. How dare you slander my contributions. I was MoFA for over half a year, restructured the entire department, oversaw all the diplomats, ran several other ministries at the same time, and went on to lead the alliance. You are an emotionally unstable pathological liar with identity issues who's addicted to the public attention
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