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  1. The CN team really dropped the ball here. With a brand new in-game feature being introduced and all these "xp farming" wars being declared, would it not have been incredibly more logical to conclude that the rules regarding this new feature probably weren't clear enough? why assume that all these people suddenly decided to intentionally start breaking the rules and go straight to in-game warnings?
  2. alliance leaders can give other nations power to approve/ban members. they can appoint alliance heirs in case they ever delete. they can make their alliance open to all people if they don't want to be bothered with approving people. also, new nations that set their alliance to one that required approval will still show that alliance under their nation bio, it'll just say "pending" under it.
  3. 30 member or 300 member, whats so hard about sending out notices to your members and asking them to check their nations once a week? i imagine u already have a pre-made list that makes this incredibly quick and easy.
  4. if alliance leaders start sending out advanced notice now to be on the look out for this change and advance notice when a specific date/time is finally announced, it shouldn't even take anywhere close to 25 days. really that hard to ask even the most inactive members to check in once or twice a week for the next 1-2 months?
  5. The very-short term annoyance of having to get everyone back onto the alliance should not be a big factor in deciding whether to go through with these changes or not. with plenty of advance notice of a specific time/date that this is going to be implemented, alliances will have ample opportunity to prepare themselves and their membership for the change. they can post announcements on the owf listing who their protected members are, they can add something to their nation bio to reference their alliance membership, etc.
  6. The Samurais of Destruction Accords Preamble The Disciples of Destruction and Sengoku, in recognition of their continued friendship and mutual interest, hereby enter this agreement to continue our camaraderie and provide for the defense and prosperity of one another. Article I- Sovereignty Each signatory formally recognizes the right of each alliance to exercise ultimate internal authority of their respective alliances. Article II- Camaraderie The memberships of each signatory commit to remain civil towards each other at all times, particularly in public channels, but also in private. The signatory alliances and their member states will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would their own. Healthy debate, constructive criticism are to be encouraged, but both parties are expected to show tact and consideration by going through appropriate channels when addressing concerns. Article III- Non-Aggression No member of either signatory may participate in, support or condone military action against a member within the corresponding signatory. If such an incident does happen, the signatories will do what is necessary to ensure that the situation is settled amicably. Article IV- Espionage and Information Both signed alliances agree under no circumstances shall either signatory alliance engage in espionage against the other. The signatories agree to share information that they come across that pertains to the other alliance with the other signatory. Article V- Military and Financial Assistance a. Should either signatory become the victim of a unprovoked external aggression, or internal subversion, the corresponding signatory is encouraged, but not obligated to provide assistance, through, but not limited to, military or financial means. b. Should either signatory initiate conflict or engage in warfare by reason of outside obligation, the corresponding signatory is encouraged, but not obligated, to provide whatever assistance it deems appropriate. The signatories shall share all information pertinent to said war. Article VI- Amendments Any amendments to this treaty must be first discussed and agreed upon by the appropriate government officials of each party, and undergo the appropriate processes. Article VII- Withdrawal Termination of this pact requires a 72 hours notice. This notice is required to be given firstly via private channels. The grace period may be truncated by mutual agreement of the signatories. Signed for Sengoku, Emperor, hartfw Shogun, President SO Daimyo of Foreign Affairs, Dcrews Gingervites Daimyo of War, bcortell Daimyo of Internal Affairs, dockingscheduled Rōjū, autosave36 Rogal Dorn Signed for Disciples of Destruction, The Elders, Bassman MrGross Hormones The Sword, Malinok The Voice, Dragonaspect The Hand, Cadieness The Blessed, Bomber66 Power jesse james
  7. when he told me he got his spy nuked, i thought it was a dedicated someone checking on him every second. now that i see it was almost half a minute, pina colada was just being lazy. shame pina!
  8. good luck to all involved! lets have an enjoyable war with no complaints. just a good ol fashion slugfest.
  9. The most necessary change for TE is how the prizes are awarded. awarding prizes for highest NS goes against everything TE is suppose to be about. it encourages all the ills that currently plague TE. uneven wars, war dodging, constant bickering on these boards. frankly its what drives so many people away. change the system to reward the most successful fighters / honorable fighters / constant fighters.....some of type of formula that takes all this into account. might not get this formula right the 1st time, but thats what TE is for, to try new stuff out. just doesn't make sense to me that a nation's final NS is what is used to measure its success.
  10. congrats to TJL and their new treaty partner
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