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  1. If you look around, a lot of important people from this game came from TGE. Even if they werent, a lot of people in general came from that alliance. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in forming some sort of organization to bring together ex German citizens, and just discuss.... stuff. I will admit there were a lot of cool and interesting people at that alliance. By no means is this a plan to resurrect TGE as a political entity, but I must admit it would be nice to stay in contact with some people. So would anyone be interested/supportive of this?
  2. *applause One of the most touching things I have read on the internet in some time.
  3. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1329695430' post='2924250'] Who are your protectors? [/quote] Deinos, as we are part of Tinytowne.
  4. [center][img]http://images.tgecn.com/mop/EccardopolisG/Austrian%20Banner.png[/img][/center] [b]Team Color: [/b]Blue [b]IRC: [/b]#Austria [b]Forums:[/b] http://theaustrianempire.forumotion.com/ [b]Current Gov:[/b] [list][*]Kaiser: Leopold Von Hapsburg [*]Kanzler: Alexander II [*]Minister of War: Emperor Dithrick [*]Foreign Affairs Minister: Vistra [*]Finance Minister: Schwieger [/list] We do not seek to impress with this announcement, rather to merely let people know we exist. [center][b]Policy on other Germanic alliances - From announcement to our members[/b][/center] Comrades
  5. I was thinking of publishing a work, simply put it would be called "The German Chronicles: The Fall Of Empires". It would detail the fall of the original TGE, as well as talk about some other German alliances I was in. I was hoping to get a full chronicle of the old TGE, from the very roots of the New Imperial Prussian Order, to its end in early 2011, with the fall of the empire, and my few hours of non legitimate rule, and possibly even deal a bit with the reformed TGE. If I decided to publish a comprehensive history, would anyone read it? Would anyone even want one made? It would also h
  6. [quote name='Anson' timestamp='1320204886' post='2836915'] Alright. You've made your case. You want action. Now, be the change you wish to see. Do action. [/quote] your right, come tomorrow I am forming an all volunteer organization to revive CN and bring in members, and retain current ones.
  7. [quote name='keenu' timestamp='1320204610' post='2836908'] I personally would love the see the game grow- However I know there are very many who are complacent with the way the game is currently being played. The thing is- Cybernations needs to be more appealing. Perhaps better graphics, and easier game play system- Things that the players cannot produce themselves. Admin will need to do these things, And unless he feels like doing them....Well, There isn't much that we can do. [/quote] ^this.. this.. Defeatism. This is exactly what is destroying the game. Why not actually do something?
  8. I notice a lot of people on Cybernations have been complaining about the game dying. I cant say I disagree with that diagnoses, but, I notice a lot of people complain, and then do nothing. My point is maybe its time to stop shouting, and time to start doing. I had an idea for a quasi para-recruitment organization. Possibly some non alliance organization that would help new players get started so they dont leave the game. Or what about trying to recruit players from real life people we know, or other websites (but not other game websites, I meant something like Fark did). I am tired of complain
  9. Has there ever been an alliance civil war? I mean a real one with real wars started in game, not the joke TGE one on the forums some time ago (though towards the end the original TGE came very close to civil war). Because if there are alliance coups, why not civil wars?
  10. Maybe Cybernations needs its own August revolution, who knows, maybe a new class of Francoists will rise up here like they did in NS and ferment radical change? Just a thought from someone who studied a bit of Francoist thought.
  11. You kidding me, you cant say !@#$%* on Cybernations? Maybe its time for a deceleration of Independence in Cybernations
  12. My Story Introduction As I now stand, Master of Finance of Ordo Teutonicus, I can not help but think of the elaborate series of events that has brought me here. What started out as a few minutes a day, has evolved into an experience that has even affected me in some of my real life thinking. I have made comrades and I have made enemies along my 2+ year journey at CN. This is not meant to be some sort of triumph story. In CN there have been people who have done more, experienced more and above all, acted with more honor than I have. Still, I have the time and feel others can learn from my e
  13. [quote name='Itsuki Koizumi' timestamp='1285114650' post='2460416'] yeah this is the United States of Alliance not the United States of America Alliance. Also Ishabad, they have nations with 140 day seniority so they were here way before you. [/quote] Hehe, my bad.
  14. [quote name='ishabad' timestamp='1285109792' post='2460365'] few things you did not apply on our forums i never gave you the job we are called United States of Alliance there is no fleet YOU ARE A GHOST CURRENTLY [/quote] *Thinks.. Did I get the wrong USA alliance?
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