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  1. Hello Nations, After being my nation semiretirement for 3 years and my mother recent passing. Being a CN member for 12 years is amazing. I am proud to announce my full return ( fully active). Life got me 3 years years ago so all I couldnt be active like I wanted I been checking my nation day in and out. But I was an original Roman Empire member one of the original alliances created in this world over a decade ago. Today is my return so much have change. Looking forward to action. I miss you all so much. It good to be active again. I have to get used to everything again. Sincerely, Jaybooker
  2. Thanks Guys! Will take the best of it.
  3. Hello Fellow CNers, For nearly a decade I have been playing this game. I have seen the "Greatest" Good and "Best" Worst of times in this game. Made friends and enemies with some of the greatest players in the game history. (FYI Continue to rest in peace Folger and Nomdeplume). I'm am privilege and grateful for all the time I have spent with the CN World. The wars, the alliances, and more. I think I broke a record for being in the most number of alliances. Don't think anyone has been in more alliances than I have. Of all my Favorite was The Roman Empire (The original RE), IRON, RIA, World Federation, Northstar Federation and Supernova-X. During my near decade tenure I was in RE, RIA, IRON, RIA, WF, NSF, SNX, Gotham, Umbrella, GPA, OBR, AB, Atlas, UCON, MW, CSN, VE and more that I cant remember. My greatest war participations toke place In IRON. I only went peace mode once during one of IRON wars in that alliance just because I loved the alliance, The rest of IRON wars I fought our enemies to the very end. Being said I believe IRON is the most efficient alliance in CN history followed by RIA being my other favorite. RIA is just what it is cool, calm and collective. As we know I haven't served in any government in any alliance in over a year because Ive gotten older, I have nearly 24 blood siblings and my grandmother has been hospitalized nearly a year which required my full attention. It has really taken a toll on my body.That being said I am announcing my half retirement.I will remain in RIA cause they are my buddies but will return actively back to IRON during their wars because I love both alliances.I cannot see myself fully retiring from the game especially after how long ive been playing it and my FA history with the alliances. And Also I love each and every last one of Cybernations Management Team and CN Members. Thanks, Jaybooker
  4. JayBooker

    How long have you been addicted to CN?

    I'm coming to a decade :D
  5. Doing Great!!! Welcome to my page Cybernations Members!

  6. JayBooker

    Imperial Decree - DBDC

    Finally someone has put DBDC in their place. Get em NpO. Thank you so much! Finally someone has had enough.
  7. JayBooker

    Temporary Disbandment Announcement

    I'd love to lead the alliance :)
  8. JayBooker

    When the Stars Align Against You

    Hey FAN its cold in here. Time to turn you off!!! :D
  9. JayBooker


    Goodluck out there ladies and gentlemen :D 
  10. Thanks guys so far 55 people have voted.
  11. In January There is going to be another kind of award ceremony.
  12. JayBooker

    The Insanity Grows

    RIA Rocks with Insanity