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  1. fordlandia

    Treaty and/or War Announcement

    There Is only One vote In aNiMaLz as to whom we war or treaty with. I have agreed to no treaty with AM. To do so while they are at war with SNX would be a conflict of Interest. We wish to remain neutral at this time. Also I have not authorized attacks against MI. From this point unless I personally post a treaty announcement Then I have not agreed to our Involvement. any one wishing to treaty with aNiMaLz should message me. At this time I'm announcing aNiMaLz withdraw from the LPCN. RUKUNU
  2. fordlandia

    Noctis Lucis Caelum Request

    aNiMaLz would like to give notice of the cancellation of all agreements and ties with Noctis Lucis Caelum and Aevrum as long as they are affiliated with Noctis Lucis Caelum. We have no Intent to cancel our agreements or ties with SNX. Let this set the record straight!
  3. You went Inactive In the Middle of a war. Then came back and told me you would not be willing to play unless Sigrun helps us defeat SNX. I told you we were about to peace out. thats was months ago. I havn't heard from you since until today. you said your farewells In forums. you never gave me a heads up You just flaked on us. I don't trust your Dedication to the game. We would welcome you back as a brother but not a leader.
  4. fordlandia

    Montezuma Hitchcock Dual

    Since Monty Is Unable to accept your Challenge due to his range I will accept on his behalf. I understand that is how It works now.
  5. fordlandia

    A brief announcement from LPCN

    Montezuma has not the authority to post on behalf of aNiMaLz. Sigrun has the full support of our alliance and further votes will reflect that.
  6. fordlandia

    why Anarchy

    I was under the impression my nation forces needed to be sunk below 20% before anarchy, my nation is at war and i have been put in anarchy and my date of recovery keeps being pushed further even though my nations troops remained above th 20% and closer to 30% soldier to citizen ratio and my nation bio says my forces are adiquate.