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  1. used before when in dt....very unreliable .beware.
  2. buying tech long term 50/3m. because i've been burned in the past i require the tech first, feel free to ask my current sellers if you wish they have been working with me for months, i require on time deals and we'll both be very happy. if you wanna do deals with me send 50 tech to: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=357376 and in 10 days i will send you 3m and we will repeat
  3. thanks everyone for your posts and input, i've decided to join noon, wolf please contact me in game as to whether you'd like the cash sent to you or other nations
  4. thanks for the great posts so far, i'll make my decision by the 9th. Please keep the posts coming
  5. Hi, Are you proud of your alliance? Do you think I should join your alliance? If so post why your alliance is the one I should choose, what sets you apart from the rest. If I like your post the most and select your alliance to either join/become an applicant for I will pay you either 9m to you or I will pay the nations of your choosing. Im looking for an alliance that is fun, easy to get along with, and not ran by teens or anyone 13-18. Not trying to hate but im tired of kids who have no clue how to treat others. Anyways if you fit that criteria feel free to post and maybe you'll win
  6. its like solving a difficult puzzle, and exercises thinking outside the box something i enjoy doing. plus its fun to have the power to be honest, knowing that at any moment you could bring down a site, even if you dont it feels just as good knowing you could. i would bet the guy doing this has felt wronged and its his way of letting off some steam. instead of shunning him why not ask him why hes doing it, in fact if your reading this coder to coder, why are you doing this? im seriously listening cause i understand. its obvious he's decent, its obvious countermeasures arent working so inste
  7. i respect his skills and i can understand why someone would want to do this, i've considered it myself to be honest.
  8. ahhh so thats what all those were i had wondered about that lol, yea there are definitely multiple events going on here, some gray hat and some black hat. and for the record definitely not the same person although i can respect his work whoever that is.
  9. news to me, must be two totally different events, i can see the reason for confusions now.
  10. numbers letters symbols can be easily cracked, ascii is your best protection. now being that this situation is close to my heart, can you name 1 nation who has been taken over that can be confirmed? because the person that i know that got any information from any forums/servers never did a single damned thing with them. and if you think that forums are the only vulnerability then lol at that, what about your php version, your db version, your server op system, on and on, updating isnt just making sure your numbers of your forum match the biggest available it means making your entire system
  11. thanks but i don't have a forum for cn, i was meaning what areas do i need help in from jack's comment. but yea everyone should be running the latest patches it only takes a few mins and makes you much less vulnerable. but i will also say anyone visiting any site is susceptible to xss attacks and information is very interchangeable on alot of these forums you all are using.
  12. i havent seen us actually deny anyone since i joined up lol but thats only 134 days, i think the fact that we have a separate aa for our lower ns members is what makes the average so much higher. btw how does this thread turn into a flame fest? reminds me of our boards flame off peeps flame off
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