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  1. I'm sure multi's wouldn't be a problem so long as students use an email/id agreed with admin or mods and that the school ip is given to admin?


    But in terms of politics they would be limited to these forums unless they wish to join alliances and actively participate?

  2. 28 minutes ago, Eljierro said:


    Polaris wasn't bad. The MHA guys with 20K infra and 5K tech are funnier. My favorite war (which I am losing) was (is) against GhostRider. 10K more infra and 1K more tech and he's still there, not destroying the only nation he's fighting. 


    Wait, he has less tech now after this nuke. Stop trying to spy my nukes! I have four and the HNMS protects them! How are you an MHA legend?

    Think of yourself as food and GhosRider as a dog. He's just playing with his dinner before he eats it. 

  3. 42 minutes ago, Lord Hitchcock said:


    That was back when people actually played Te :P


    now RE is stuck with the responsibility of making sure alliances are upholding the unspoken gentlemen's agreement that we all admire.


    Not like that coward Cazaric, who used to pick on poor little Kaboom 



    Well.... he thought he was picking on kaboom :P guess which alliance braved the storm? :D


    We've had our fair share of being on the end of the drama, our toughest challenge was our couple of rounds fighting Paul and OP. But we got through that and I believe we have a good relationship with OP now.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Lord Hitchcock said:

    What do you guys mean? Devil Dog's 72 nukes to AW + OP's humble 6 is clearly a fair trade

    A 66 nuke advantage isn't much, I'm sure in our time we have defeated better?


    In fact I certainly remember RE in the first 10 rounds brushing off more :D

  5. 2 hours ago, rexius said:

    Ordo Paradoxia accepts Devil Dogs offer of peace.... 


    That said... this kind of !@#$%^&* needs to stop..   There used to be at least some boundaries... some decorum... in TE.  

    Completely agree, these sort of downdeclares need to stop. Or simply bring back diplomacy to TE.

  6. 14 minutes ago, WileyXero said:


    Notice how no one mentioned AM, that is what I meant by "lop-sided." They are so bad.


    I never personally fought any of them, I'm not sure how well they did, I started to lose interest in fighting when I noticed one of them nuked a MERCS nation I was at war with. I offered the nation early peace and was nuked twice for it lol

  7. 17 minutes ago, Sagad said:

    if i was Fark or MHA i would personally be ashamed of declaring on an alliance already at war with 9 other alliances but i'm not, i'm Sparta, and i'm kicking the ass of the few stupid people willing to go against me. so Bring it on you bunch of soft pricks, If any of you have the stones. i'll be waiting on your declaration.

    I don't feel any shame, in fact I feel great, it's a lovely sunny day, topped off with some casualties :)

  8. 49 minutes ago, Blackatron said:

    Not particularly sure I like being paired up with the Misfits, I believe a few of us are at war with them from when they hit one of our members.


    We're taking your tech down Hitchcock.


    Obligatory comment regarding casualties for all, burning infra et cetera, et cetera.

    We already had nations at war?


    o/ Casualties 

  9. I logged out for a night and came back to ZI and under 200 tech. Fair play TDO. Disappointed in those dirty ops against me though. Sadly college is taking up too much time for me to mount any sort of defence against 6 solid players.

    My only apology is to those i couldn't coordinate with.


    I've never been ZI'd since round 1, so well done on that

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