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  1. Sister Midnight

    Erecting a New Alliance

    Long live PENIoS! May it stand straight and strong!
  2. Sister Midnight

    Are You Not Entertained?

    Hey! Brewski! Wasso thinks you make good war announcements!
  3. Sister Midnight

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    i always enjoy playing with my IRON teammates. Drop dead sexy, all of them! Thanks for a good War.
  4. Sister Midnight

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    Not for nothing, but most of out players are inactive for various reasons. I would not be shocked if they do more damage than us.
  5. Sister Midnight

    Extra Extra! Read About it Here!

    I have spent almost no time on these forums because there is too much flaming for my taste. I realize I probably am setting myself up as a flame target by posting now, but I want to say a few things. I speak for myself only when I say this, but I think the way UN plays TE sucks. I think they’re very clever, but sleazy in their tactics. However, that doesn’t take away their right to play, so long as they don’t cheat. I was tricked into believing UN cheated and as a result, I was okay with rolling their butts to oblivion and hopefully off Planet Steve. Then, last night, I saw the screenshots and I cringed because I was tricked into doing something dishonorable. That pisses me off! I am no fan of UN. I don’t think I will ever be okay with how they’ve chosen to play. A lot of their members are probably okay, but a lot them just reek of dishonor and unwashed bedsheets. I would happily roll them, I was psyched to roll them. But thanks to a conspiracy of lies that were exposed to me last night the entire point of rolling them has become unethical. It’s a pity because before the lies I was onboard to crush them, but not run them out of the game. Thanks to HG and his bullish-t I can’t even do that! So I guess unless there are new developments I’m just going to have a good time beating the crap out of everyone except UN for a while. I hope I get to fight them later after the fumes clear from all the bull droppings. So thank you, HG, for taking what should have been a fun and exciting round and taking a dump on it. IRON will have fun, we always have fun, but I won’t have the pleasure of taking out UN as long as there is an ongoing conspiracy to wipe them off the planet.
  6. Sister Midnight

    Extra Extra! Read About it Here!

    I feel more like Wonder Woman than Batman. Just saying.
  7. Sister Midnight

    Water Guns at the Ready

    I"m a squirter. I hope you guys enjoyed my squirts.
  8. Sister Midnight

    Achievement Unlocked: 10 Years on Planet Bob

    I'm always thrilled to see you, Shan! Huggles! I remember there may have been a handful of others involved in IRON's creation, btw. Just sayin'. ( @ )( @ )