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  1. verum vox vocis

    Get All Cn alliance news here

    Closing. There is already a forum for alliance announcements, and this is certainly NOT the place.
  2. verum vox vocis

    Fault Lines: a Political Role-Play

    Moved to the Open National Forum as requested, and really where this belongs anyway.
  3. verum vox vocis

    looking for young communist nations

    Wrong forum for Alliance recruitment, dude. The Open World Forums and subforums are for alliance recruitments and stuff...
  4. verum vox vocis

    So I hear we need some fresh blood...

    I'm sorry to do this right as the current GM's made a new court thread...but as of this moment, iamthey and Lynneth are removed from their positions as GM's. In their place are two old GM's returning to active status--Sargun and Subtleknifewielder, and to replaced Il Terra Di Agea is a new one. Put your hands together for Executive Minister!
  5. verum vox vocis

    Larbardor News

    This joke has gone on long enough. Perhaps it was even funny the first couple posts. This much in total, however, is bordering on harassment.
  6. verum vox vocis

    Operation THUNDERCLAP

    [quote name='Sargun' timestamp='1283213705' post='2436301'] Actually, GMs were appointed specifically so that Moderators like yourself would not have to come and directly interfere in the RP forums. They were created in order to enforce publicly stated and followed community rules and have their status as a GM to back it up. The point was to have a person with (artificial, mind you) power tell both sides that they need to sit down, shut up, and listen. But they are also supposed to be fair and impartial. They right egregious wrongs and provide [b]compromise[/b] where there is any grey area. In such a situation as this one, where a GM is not fixing somebody who just completely destroyed a rule, he should not be interpreting the allegedly broken rule and then applying his new interpretation but find a solution where both parties are happy. [/quote] And how does a GM prevent the necessity of mod interference? By settling disputes, compromising. I must congratulate you on the compromise you have provided. I am more surprised that you denizens of CNRP managed to settle a dispute on your own without official arbitration. [quote name='Yawoo' timestamp='1283214185' post='2436307'] The GMs don't have the facts, Vx3. Not once did they consult with JED or I on our side of the story, but rather took DeSchaine's word and ran with it and refused to recognize that he is not in lock mode, but rather tried to contest the validity of his lock. GMs may be appointed by the Moderation Staff, but it is by the community that gives them the power. DeSchaine did not consult with us prior to going to the GMs, therefore we were unaware that there was even a "dispute" to begin with. [b]That said, as of this moment I no longer recognize the current GM's authority to govern my actions nor those of the community. This GM staff can not simply make rules up on the spot like they are doing. Wipe me from the map if that is the will of the community, I will not abide by a GM staff that simply says they're right and ignores all prior precedents and rules.[/b] 10 days is acceptable to me. Thank you for proposing a suitable compromise instead of automatically taking DeSchaine's side. [/quote] I see that JEDCJT himself admits that he talked to a GM prior to any...(you call it an autoadvance, I believe?)...made, attempting to get clarification on the matter. If that is not consulting, what is, pray tell? In any case, I'm glad you players have settled this amongst yourselves...except for one thing. GM's are mod-appointed. if you'd rather we mods came to settle it, that can be arranged, but I guarantee more warns on average will end up being handed out as a result. Next time, perhaps you [color="#ff0000"](and I'm [i][b]not[/b][/i] speaking to just Yawoo here)[/color] can try to hash it out in a private message, or at the very least, politely explain all facets of your case in the OOC thread where it belongs. --- I now wash my hands of this thread.
  7. verum vox vocis

    Operation THUNDERCLAP

    This is getting utterly ridiculous... GM's were appointed to settle disputes in an informed manner, and if they do not have all the facts, one cannot expect them to make an informed decision. Disputes arise most often from interpretation of the rules set down by you, the players. That said, the fact that a GM needed to be consulted on this matter in the first place gives them the authority to settle the dispute. If the players had not wished for them to 'interfere,' or were incapable of settling it amongst themselves, as appears to be the case, the players should not have asked for their opinion on the matter in the first place.
  8. verum vox vocis

    The GMs Court

    So...the petty mortals are squabbling again, and it looks to be a heated issue...we appoint the GM's for a reason, to settle such disputes, and I see clearly that a GM has ruled that 'proven supernatural' (and yes, it's supernatural despite any e-lawyering put forth) is not to be permitted in your CNRP continuity. Unless you can get the backing of both other GM's, his decision should stand.
  9. verum vox vocis

    Aether Empire National News

    Topic moved to appropriate forum on OP's request.
  10. verum vox vocis

    Spy Roll Poll

    Locked on OP's request
  11. verum vox vocis

    Dissent as Freedomland changes constitution and bans Muslims

    National RP belongs elsewhere. Judging from the content, this belongs in the Fantasy Forum. Moved to where it belongs.
  12. verum vox vocis

    Freedomland creates most unbreakable constitution ever

    This group of forums is for Role-playing between alliances, therefore this thread is in the wrong place.
  13. verum vox vocis

    Infra Jump Calculator

    ZAP! This forum is for RP, therefore I lock.
  14. verum vox vocis

    Organcian News

    All right, that's enough. If you wanted to argue about it, you have a thread in the Open National forum to do so. This is insanely out of control, and the next person to post a completely OOC post gets a full warn. That said, the subject is highly controversial. I know it must be hard judging from what I've seen, but keep any further discussion civil.
  15. verum vox vocis

    Rural Route 3

    Topic locked as it is in the wrong place