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  1. you go on facebook and tag all your friends and tell them to get on CN or youll set there dog/cat/other pet on fire That'll boost the numbers fast
  2. no see your issue isnt that the mods have sided with anyone Your problem is you dont seem to know when the shut the hell up and stop digging yourself further and further into that !@#$@#$ sink hole you have created for yourself Maybe if you stopped ranting in the OWF every other minute people would forget you exist and leave you alone. But unfortunately your ego wont allow your common sense to kick in and think "hmm maybe if i stop PISSING EVERYONE OFF i would could enjoy the game more" just a suggestion
  3. nah i think ill save them for when i need to bribe my way out of a another curbstomp lol
  4. yay i dont have to sacrifice any political dissidents to Stalin this time lol
  5. well at least Morphine is enjoying himself, LOVED that comeback btw
  6. So ive read this entire thread, and come to a conclusion, would anyone like to hear my deductions?
  7. thank you i have messaged him with the issue
  8. i paid for the name change but i havent gotten any word about it, so im starting to think i just wasted $27CAD, i paid for the name change on saturday, its now Monday. I was hoping to change my Ruler name from Hitmewith to Oddballalex
  9. you know what sucks im in the Red Guard in CN:TE and there all picking on me and i cant even fight back i call this being a coward. Who agrees with me?
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