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  1. This is embarrassing to watch. Like I feel embarrassment for you, Winner. If you re-roll again, might want to make some effort to actually change your style of speech and crazy opinions. You'd fool people for more than a few minutes.
  2. Post series, involving Eureka and Renton's kid on real Earth, in Okinawa so far. It's all but outright stated he is (they show a flashback of what's 99.9% likely adult Eureka) and he has her eyes, not to mention her hair when he pilots Nirvash-whatever. It's based on a sequel manga, apparently. Called Eureka Seven AO. Go watch now.

  3. Wow, didn't know one existed. What kind of a sequel is it?

  4. By imperial decree you are required to watch the new Eureka show.

  5. Well that's what SRW is for. They fix !@#$%* animes. They did wonders with SEED Destiny just by tweaking the personality of Shinn and making Kira less Jesus Yamato. And the aforementioned "Let's not make Ohgi a total retard" bit.

  6. "I don't know why Japanese anime companies have this fetish..." I was tired and suffering from lack of sleep. BECAUSE IT'S GETTING HOT HERE. Anyways, Kamina's death was sadder, but fit in the series well and absolutely made it better. Nia's end was phoned in and pointless, and tarnished what could have been a truly spectacular conclusion to the series.

  7. Also, Kamina dying was a bigger travesty.

  8. Wait, what? Fetish companies? Yea, not gonna ask. Regardless, Nia may just have survived because they didn't finish the series yet. Cause, remember, they haven't killed the Anti-Spiral.

  9. Nia dying was the only singular bad thing in that entire series. I don't know why fetish Japanese anime companies have this fetish of phoning in annoyingly depressing endings but even I find it hard to get off to.

  10. Oh, and you can choose to have Ougi believe Zero. You can avert Zero Requiem.

  11. Oh, on a side note, you may or may not like to hear that Z2 part 2 DOESN'T finish TTGL. They got the writer of the series to make an original enemy, an Anti Gurren Lagan. It's piloted by the Anti-Spiral, and apparently Nia survives.

  12. It's a side-character in the first episode. But yes, it looks like a really good show so far. It's like a less sociopathic version of Haruhi, minus the deity-powers.

  13. Googling Medaka Box returns me a cover of a person with large jubblies. Bueno.

  14. Kamina's VA has a character in Medaka Box, he even resembles him a bit. I was surprised.

  15. You're being silly if you wait until you're completely fluent in it to play the games. The gameplay is super basic and you already know how the menus work. You should be able to read as much if not more Japanese than I can, get playing boy. Oh, and look up "Saisei-hen PV2" on youtube for your enjoyment.

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