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  1. I see you creeping at my profile! :]

  2. fireguy how could you leave me :(

  3. I see you looking at my profile, yo

    two days ago :P

  4. Corlukkaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. You're secretly a spambot on other sites.

  6. Six months? Hm. I must have missed it. :/

  7. Did you get promoted recently? :o


    i miss u >:3

  9. You look kinda like the kid from Toy Story. Andy.

  10. paft dunk es #2 huehuehue

  11. Merry Christmas, Shuru! :D

  12. You owe me 1000 tech.

  13. Hint, her name starts with a 4.

  14. Sorry I had another baby mama to deal with, you know how it is

  15. It has been several months since I was last here

  16. It's been over a year since I posted here :3

  17. And right back into it :wub:

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