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    Outdoor shtuff - fishing, hiking, gold panning, skiing.
    Indoor shtuff - computers, reading, wanking.

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  1. We Avalanchians now have a new, personal regard for the term "s**t happens"!
  2. If I wasn't so !@#$@#$ drunk I'd understand what's going on. But all I can say is... o/you people o/my head hurts 0/best of luck with whatever you are doing. Oh yeah, and o/Argent and GPF Does Smirnoff go with Gatoraid or have I just $%&@ed up?
  3. I have to hand it to you Crap... you got BALLS. o/CRAP
  4. Using a borrowed computer and it's crap. Hope to get something decent in a month or so. Keep on keeping on.

  5. The Lost World is still in very capable hands. This is a terrific alliance filled with awesome people. Congratulations to all. And Prod, I'm sure glad you're sticking around.
  6. Happy Birthday to all my buds. This next year will be killer.
  7. We don't celebrate our 1 year until next month. That makes you our big brother. So... can you start giving us an allowance?
  8. I see three stooges under Heads of State. Coincidence? I wonder... [img]http://www.penguinhuggle.com/ogg/3stooges.gif[/img] May the stooges prosper o/NNK
  9. [img]http://www.all4humor.com/images/files/Tasty%20Hamster.jpg[/img] "Are you crazy? NO... we can't tell your Mother about us!"
  10. Congratulations to the nerds in both alliances. May your pocket protectors overflow with pens. o/ Gondor o/ =LOST=
  11. Good show! Congratulations to the new IO and to Pacifica for a wise choice.
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