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  1. i thought it went exactly as i expected.
  2. You guys should consider expanding it to all blogs, irc, OWF and World affairs forums as well.
  3. i'm sure you both have better/more pressing things to do than harass a former member of your alliance. also, perhaps you should take the GGA comment up with Londo. It was he after all who called you modern day GGA. don't get me wrong i'm not saying i disagree in fact i still have the message right here. i also happen to have a mountain of evidence that supports it, but it's nothing coalition members and a substantial amount of current/former members of ai haven't already noted or commented on. enjoy your skype clique, hope it works out as well as it has so far. To: caligula From: Londo Mollari Date: 5/25/2013 3:02:30 PM Subject: Hello friends Message: I regret to inform you that I am leaving Anarchy Inc. I have been a member of Anarchy Inc and its predecessor Olympus for over two years. But I am not messaging you just to say goodbye, but rather to express grave concern. You see, the reason I am leaving is because AI has become the new GGA. Last night, I witnessed a good and active member (Myth) get abused and then expelled from the alliance by Triumvir queenhailee. He did nothing wrong, but she apparently does not like him, and has felt threatened by him for no good reason. When an alliance's leadership succumbs to delusions and paranoia, the end is near. I am sticking up for Myth (Caligula in game) because he is too proud to say this himself, and what happened is wrong. I attempted to talk to queenhailee about what she had done, but was told I was just putting spin on events. It is a sad end to an alliance that had as much potential as Anarchy Inc did. I wish all of you luck on your respective journeys. -Londo
  4. yes but it didn't work out
  5. early -mid twenties male seeking alliance very creative if bored tends to be destructive capable of being a really great guy all around has managed a sizeable amount of socially awkward and possibly mentally challenged individuals reasonably well is an okay person when not hungry not above bribes please send enquiries or regards here <----- For references please contact mia of iron brehon of new pacific order schattenmann of coj mcrabt of valhalla queen hailee of anarchy inc anu drake of nato lusitan of umbrella cable77 of farkistan
  6. i thought people had stopped making these posts. i guess i was wrong
  7. "This is still just the culture shock. You wait till I've settled down into the situation and found my bearings. Then I'll start panicking." Everyone at one time or another finds themselves in a peculiar place. Peculiar not necessarily meaning strange, scary or frightening, but certainly not void of fear. One only have to ask if they're willing to brave a new adventure to see what's on the other side of the universe to gauge their character. Would one be interested in such an adventure they may order a complimentary babel fish for use at their discretion in contacting the appropriate agency for more information.
  8. We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.

  9. The world is big enough to look after itself. What we have to be concerned about is whether or not the world we live in will be capable of sustaining us in it. There is a wind of change coming... I think that's how these humans put it. Something new, something exciting. Something totally never done before in our time at least. At least in my time of being alive, which while long to most human standards is still infinitesimal when you think about it. But enough thinking for today, it's giving me quite the headache.
  10. To be fair, probably the same as this
  11. Should do a per/nation analysis.
  12. In the words of a sniper, "that's be a serious misallocation of resources."
  13. Bill, you'll regret your 29th.
  14. Actually I'm not sure MHA agrees with you.
  15. Pretty much the most relevant player in cn ever

  16. IYIyTh

    War Stories

    If only tech was destroyed as quickly as infra.
  17. IYIyTh

    Frozen Terrain

    Hi, folks, welcome to another daily, infrequently updated edition of the Frozen Terrain Bottom 11500, the list that showcases the biggest heaps of worthless material known apparently as anyone who plays Cybernations who hasn't been playing for nearly half a decade uninterrupted. Or possibly anyone that hasn't been sitting on collected money earned while avoiding costly wars, defined by those who are in the most glorious and honorable top one thousand as "fighting really hard for a couple rounds and then ... well, everything's out of range so I just kind of don't do anything." Said another non top 11500er, "I really dislike it when I get zi'd and can buy back to an infra level a good 85, 90% of everyone else will never reach with billions to spare. I just have to keep clicking and it gets soooooo tedious." "My favorite part is when the amount of tech I have can't be destroyed nearly as quickly as it should be for the insane, overpowered and probably game breaking advantages it provides so I can easily destroy someone else who hasn't simply been around as long as I have in an instant and then gloat about it," said another, snorting. THE GRAVEYARD OF WORTHLESS PEOPLE: It's worth noting that the bottom 11500 is filling up FAST with the corpses of those that really don't mean anything at all since they are in the grand scheme of things pretty much not big and will never matter so who gives a crap. The most productive person on record is one of today's active nations, but the list is rapidly getting clogged with bodies of other equally worthless nations and whom if they happened to find themselves at war should probably just give up because who cares. To get this bottom 11500 I had to scroll past ~1000 nations. What this means is that we may be reaching the peak of creative commentary in this war. We're also now recording a full 7 days of trivial, meaningless destruction in each of these pathetic plebe wars, and even for fighters of this lackluster caliber, countless worthless and equally inane activities such as fighting so called "opposition," on this scale will take it out of the people who really matter who have to pretend to care. Our number one war for today (which I'll come to further down the page if I feel like it,) may be the high worthless mark (or should that be high who gives a crap mark?) of the conflict. On future days where I'm not reporting constant updates infrequently, I'll try and report on the all time number one most worthless waste of effort as well as the day's biggest loser. Anyways, here's a list of anyone on the bottom 11500 who should probably just quit while they're behind. I would pin point it exactly but honestly who cares about any of these people in the grand scheme of things: http://www.cybernations.net/allNations_display.asp?Page=38&Order=DESC&Field=Strength One bottom 11500 even offered us this cute, naive, hilarious offering upon finding out he was among the bottom 11500: "I'm just glad my nation has a chance, y'kno? Maybe one day, if everyone else who created their nation before me disappears and their billions upon billions of money do too, I may also have the benefit of strategically playing my nation into a position of hibernation while others beat the crap out of each other." ... the cute little irrelevant nation, terribly unaware of their worthlessness and toilet-paper like stature in CN said. "Maybe I'll get to be like one of the cool people and talk about how my extraordinarily large and ridiculously stacked nation's cruise missiles caused as much damage as another person's nuke!" "Maybe I'll get to have a full wonder set at 5k ns with a 14 billion dollar warchest!" they said as their eyes grew. "Can you imagine how much fun that would be for all of us currently worthless, hopelessly suffering peons?" This is satire, deal with it.
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