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  1. Well that's a horrible reason Locke, for shame. And to clarify upon what Facade/Stagger said just before. The true nature of events between Spamalot-IAA are known only to those involved, which doesn't even include all of IAA government so any statements trying to judge this event by people not directly involved are completely construed and not entirely factual. Also to clarify another point, Chimaera is no longer the Emperor in IAA, he had resigned a few days before Spamalot even left. Just another flaw in your lil blog Caleb that needs to be addressed. And to comment on your poll. Neither Chimaera nor Penkala were completely right in what they did. Penkala went to the public with not all of the information, though I've already said that I'm glad that he did feel it was necessary to stand up for a friend. Chimaera handled the situation rather immaturely and while I understand his love for IAA, accusing and manipulating information against a completely innocent person is certainly a shameful act that I cannot forgive him for.
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