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  1. [quote name='mco119' date='27 March 2010 - 09:55 PM' timestamp='1269744925' post='2238809']
    Is Warbuck currently a member of your administration? Does he hold a government office? Yes or no?
    My position is the Lord High Sentinel Emeritus, which is a fancy way of saying that I'm a retired Lord High Sentinel that advises the current administration.

  2. Anyone that believes ADI is complaining or "bawwing" about this situation is mistaken. This was an announcement informing the world not to aid these rogues. The actual handling of the rogue situation has been going on, for 4 days mind you as well. Anyone wanting to turn this around and say we are whining is only doing so due to their need to take pot shots at ADI for whatever reason.

    [quote]And I clearly stated that some of my members could have expressed their opinions in better ways. [/quote]

    It seems to be ok to continuously promote the stigma of ADI of days gone by despite their change of leadership and to continue to impart your grievances against our old leader in every single ADI thread that goes up, but when your alliance is judged on the actions of one of your members, who mind you, you didn't exactly stop, you believe there is some sort of injustice.

  3. [quote name='phillip110' date='26 March 2010 - 02:18 AM' timestamp='1269587895' post='2237172']

    4. Those reasons will be given to the public very soon when we feel the time is right.
    Actually, one of you, can't remember who, already told one of the nations helping us what your reasons were and I found them to be quite misguided if they were in fact the true reasons. But the vandalizations of ADI wikis have made me question the integrity of any statements that have been made by you guys.

  4. [quote name='phillip110' date='26 March 2010 - 02:06 AM' timestamp='1269587179' post='2237168']
    Awww, come on. You're going to nuke us after a bunch of people post some hate about ADI? We didn't even respond yet! lol. May your nukes be blocked over and over, just like mine were the other night by Warbuck's SDI.
    What, you can't take a nuke from someone with more tech than you? You sure can dish them out at people with lower stats than yours. I'm sure if I attacked someone 20k NS lower than me with 4k less tech I'd win all the time too ;) (Talking about mco vs Bobogoobo, not you vs me)

  5. [quote name='Rush Sykes' date='25 March 2010 - 11:55 PM' timestamp='1269579323' post='2237059']
    Im POSITIVE Hoo is behind these attacks. Give ADI a couple of days, and they will manufacture logs to prove as much.

    Also, roguing could not have happened to a more deserving group.
    ADI has not attributed these attacks with any alliance, and none of these rogues have any prior connections to Van Hoo III or to RoK. We did not come here to point fingers- only to inform the public that these nations are rogues and not to aid them.

    [quote name='teamcoltra' date='26 March 2010 - 12:09 AM' timestamp='1269580150' post='2237073']
    Actually... I now have gathered enough intelligence to figure out the problem:
    It amuses me when people find a reason to troll when the topic doesn't even concern them.

    [quote name='shadeslayers09' date='26 March 2010 - 12:09 AM' timestamp='1269580180' post='2237074']
    we have confirmation that one came from Kronos, and one from TDO
    These nations did not "come from" anywhere. Their statements thus far reflect that they are acting independently and unless any evidence surfaces that connects them to an entity, they are considered independent and will be treated as such.

  6. [quote name='teamcoltra' date='25 March 2010 - 11:47 PM' timestamp='1269578857' post='2237047']
    Meh all you guys are, is a bunch of whiny little girls. Sounds like you guys need to keep better track of who is, and is not in your alliance. You had it coming. Kudos to the attackers.
    Aside from the spy who came ahead of time, these guys ghosted us right before the attacks. We know who is in our alliance and who isn't.

  7. I just want to give a shout to those who have helped us, where we do not have a large number of nations. FEAR, NEW and UPN have provided us with high level nations that have helped a lot, and we've received financial assistance from GUN and UPN among other sources. Kronos has also provided some nations, and we didn't even request them to. So a big thank you all around to those who have helped. :)

  8. [quote name='My Name Is Romance' date='20 March 2010 - 12:50 PM' timestamp='1269107408' post='2231373']Ive never liked protecting alliances to tell the protectorate who they can and can not be friends with, militarily. [/quote]
    [quote name='President Sitruk' date='20 March 2010 - 04:11 PM' timestamp='1269119459' post='2231524']
    i'm sure it's simply a way to keep treaty chains from getting tangled.
    This ^

    ADI doesn't mind our protectorate making friends. We just don't want to be placed in any weird positions is all.

  9. [quote name='Joe Stupid' date='20 February 2010 - 04:30 PM' timestamp='1266705051' post='2194171']
    Are you aware of how fail ADI is? I hope your not counting on these reps for something important.

    Still you have missed my previous point it's not the amount of reps you're getting it's the fact you're getting reps at all which makes me sick.
    I love how even in a peace announcement, in where ADI has remained quiet and taken their consequences honorably, that RoK still takes the opportunity to throw a jab.

    Edit: What's going to be next? Attacking us while we are paying reps?

  10. [quote name='Lord Tri' date='19 February 2010 - 04:51 PM' timestamp='1266619894' post='2192553']
    I believe this thread has served its purpose. Simple fact of the matter is this: people on Planet Bob believe what they want to believe.

    [b]To the Aqua Defense Initiative: I request that all members of every rank, cease all posting in this announcement.[/b] This is not an order, this is a request.
    Although it was sort of a necessity to allow ADI members who have been told in the past to just remain quiet here on the OWF to speak up in this thread, I too believe that this argument has once again, become a circular argument. I do think that the points that Lord Tri and the masheen have made are great points, and for that reason I wanted them to be heard. I know for a fact, that not all people are blindly biased. I can only hope that more people will try to look at this from both perspectives and investigate the situation in its entirety.

    Whether that actually happens or not is to be discovered. But at the request of our Lord of Foreign Affairs, I am telling ADI members to please cease from responding to this thread. We've made our point and there is no use continuing this argument. Thanks.

  11. [quote name='lonewolfe2015' date='19 February 2010 - 09:00 AM' timestamp='1266591613' post='2192016']
    Everyone uses Minister of xyz department when they don't know someone's charter, so don't get snippy with me, the fact I remembered you were FA is good.

    Because the moment you begin dumping logs it's your fault and the logs can never be trusted until confirmed by the other source. In this case they were not, you looked at fault, therefore you got the blame. And Again, I could care less what was said between both parties, my challenge to you which you've still failed to answer is to admit your wrong doings. I've repeated endless times now that ADI handled this situation wrong and that is a primary reason why ADI will be eternally at fault for it, but that should Warbuck come to the public eye and admit he made a mistake that at least he can try to repair the damage done.

    PS: Masheen, Not everyone is on here enough to reply within minutes. Hefe likely wasn't paying attention during your claims against him. -_-
    ADI handled this situation wrong by getting harassed the past two months? ADI is responsible for RoK's inability to move on, and their thirst for aqua bloodshed? That is rich. And I've already on countless occasions admitted that my initial handling of the situation was not good, but people have selective hearing and have chosen not to recognize that. The point is that two wrongs don't make a right, and that people in your position have no clue what the political terrain was like for ADI at the time that we made the choices we made. And you have no clue what factors influenced those decisions, because you were not there.

  12. [quote name='Poyplemonkeys' date='19 February 2010 - 04:39 AM' timestamp='1266575965' post='2191842']
    [b]You sort of wonder how credible a witness he is when he's faked 'evidence' in the past surely?[/b]

    And what evidence do you have of this? This is the evidence that Masheen is talking about- the evidence to the claim that I faked logs. The evidence that Hoo cut and snipped and used to accuse me of evidence altering.

  13. [quote name='El Hefe' date='18 February 2010 - 10:54 PM' timestamp='1266555291' post='2191507']
    This is not a court of law, but a court of public opinion. You are "guilty" until proven "innocent" here.

    Thus far, I've seen nothing from ADI - Warbuck especially - that would "prove them innocent" so to speak.
    But let me ask this. Has your leader shown you ALL of the evidence? I know I've shown my people all of it.

  14. [quote name='Lord Tri' date='18 February 2010 - 08:40 PM' timestamp='1266547225' post='2191020']
    I spent four hours finding information and trying to prove that Warbuck is lying, want to know what happened? I couldn't. His story adds up, 100%. Am I brainwashed? Doesn't really seem like it, cause one who is brainwashed doesn't typically attempt to call out the brainwasher. So do us all a favor, and just stop.
    True story. Amazing how you can show someone 8 pages out of a 28 page conversation and twist the context, but when you see the ENTIRE conversation, things have a completely different perspective. And in those four hours, which, were anything but pleasant, I showed Lord Tri everything; what made me look bad, what made me look good, and everything in between. The point that I've been making all along is that people have made judgments on ADI without having all of the facts.

    Any witness will be proven true in court until he or she is cross-examined. What that means is that when you listen to Hoo's case, he will only defend the points that make him look good. I've not one time refused to give the whole story to anyone curious enough to approach me for it. I've shown them ALL the evidence, which includes me saying some things to protect my friends that don't make me look good.

    All I've seen is mindless banner waving on the OWF. In private people have questioned me- and with hard questions. They've all come to their own conclusions, but at least I can say they took the effort to do the research. I can respect opposing viewpoints, but everyone waving a banner just because one person says "I am wronged!" is insanity. Neither ADI nor RoK is perfect in this. However, RoK has refused to let it go.

  15. [quote name='Jebbie' date='18 February 2010 - 09:46 AM' timestamp='1266507975' post='2189692']
    jesus christ what is your deal

    we kicked warbuck out of TDO gov for a reason and i think his actions since has more than justified it
    I don't recall ever being kicked out of TDO government. The vote overwhelmingly failed. I just decided to leave of my own accord to start ADI. I have no clue what it accomplishes for TDO as a neutral alliance to even involve themselves in this matter either.

  16. [quote name='lonewolfe2015' date='17 February 2010 - 08:33 PM' timestamp='1266460401' post='2188630']
    You and I both know I wasn't referring to that person. And I'm not talking about this on the OWF, I'm telling you that your complaints fall on deaf ears if you think telling me you can't control your own member from feeding information out of ADI.
    Well, actually, once I found out about it, I have cut this person off from information until I decide his fate.

  17. [quote name='lonewolfe2015' date='17 February 2010 - 08:28 PM' timestamp='1266460096' post='2188621']
    Because you left Rok for FEAR...

    You also verbally attacked Rok, it goes both ways and the way you treated the situation is far from being able to cry foul over that.

    As for a contact inside ADI, I stopped caring the moment a member of Asgaard left us for ADI per your attempts to get him to join several times while he was a member of Asgaard. BUT that does not matter in this situation, it is my reasoning for not caring about anything you want to whine about.

    End this senseless debate by saying ADI is at fault for its own actions, own up to it, and claim what little honor you might have left that you try and tell people you have.
    John S. is an alliance hopper that came to ADI without anyone asking him to. He also left ADI within 3 weeks. Maybe sooner. His stay was short, nonetheless.

  18. [quote name='lonewolfe2015' date='17 February 2010 - 08:21 PM' timestamp='1266459711' post='2188611']
    ADI has your mind (Warbuck's), which is of course your own. [b]You wouldn't attack Rok, because Rok would destroy you. You showed the world your true colors. Rok is not attacking you[/b], yet, and I'll be surprised if they get to you first, there's quite a line I've seen and heard. You posted logs, you were given the neutrality route, it was right to stay with your ally and you were wrong for leaving. Yes, you've made it very easy for them so far, how does that change?

    This is all that really mattered, but I did read the rest.
    We wouldn't attack FEAR either. And RoK hasn't attacked us? The last two months have been nothing but a barrage of verbal attacks. The only line they haven't crossed has been with military. They even have a contact inside ADI feeding them intel, which I know about. I know who it is, and what he has been sharing.

  19. [quote name='John Warbuck' date='17 February 2010 - 07:24 PM' timestamp='1266456263' post='2188498']
    You know what I find so ironic about you, Hoo? You impose your own qualities on the people you try to slander. [/quote]

    [quote name='Van Hoo III' date='17 February 2010 - 07:57 PM' timestamp='1266458228' post='2188569']
    No, it is the same load of crap he has been spewing this entire time. None of it is correct, none of it is accurate. John Warbuck is hands down the worst alliance leader I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot. He lies, lies on top of lies, forgets his lies and makes up new ones, and then lies about his reasons for lying.

    This may shock you, but the line to attack John Warbuck does not start and end with Ragnarok, we just hope to be the first.
    And it continues in the same manner.

  20. [quote name='Van Hoo III' date='17 February 2010 - 07:16 PM' timestamp='1266455788' post='2188473']
    We did't cancel on you due to your faked logs either, but it [b]is[/b] the reason that you will be attacked.

    You were cancelled on for declaring support and then revoking it without speaking with us first. You blindsided an ally (who you pledged support to) when you made a public stance and took shots at us when you did so. You have admitted to mishandling that entire issue, so I am not sure why you're so confused now. You have been told multiple times that had you wanted to stay out of the war, you simply needed to say so. We would have understood.
    You know what I find so ironic about you, Hoo? You impose your own qualities on the people you try to slander. The deceit, the misinformation of allies, the asking people to betray their principles and allies and then getting infuriated when they tell you to take a hike. And then you spend two months repeating your own lies over and over again until even you believe them.

    I spoke to you before that post, btw- and you told me it was my duty to "defend" you. I saw it was aggression and didn't agree with you. Had I told you privately, you'd have canceled on us too, but posted some bogus post filled with lies as the reason. Just wait until another one of your protectorates has a mind of it's own that happens to disagree with the all high and mighty Hoo. The same thing will happen.

    You try to say that you would NEVER say that you want people out of the game, but you will badger, threaten, and harass a sovereign alliance and go to that alliance's protectorate and tell them to cancel their agreement with us. You will have your "Propaganda Ministry" make our members' lives a living hell for over two months, and then you want to tell us that your DoW is on us, and that we are the ones threatening aqua sphere peace. Do you even read what you write, Hoo? Do you even catch a single glimpse of the insanity in your posts?

    But when it comes down to this DoW that you promise we will receive, make sure that you do it for the true reasons. ADI has a mind of our own. We wouldn't attack an ally. We showed the world your true colors. THAT is why you are attacking us. Not logs, not neutrality, not right vs wrong. That is why you've badgered me relentlessly for two months. And honestly, if it comes to war, so be it. I won't make it easy for you.

  21. [quote name='Van Hoo III' date='17 February 2010 - 07:03 PM' timestamp='1266455028' post='2188440']
    That was not the reason for the cancellation and you know it. Do you [b]ever[/b] stop lying or are you just programmed to lie every time you speak or type?
    Want the link to that thread I just quoted? You canceled on us IN THE THREAD. The cancellation came before any logs, and conspiracies about logs. The cancellation came based off of what I just quoted above, and the DoW is about the same exact thing. You want to try and play like you are making a moral stand, but you are just pissed off that ADI wouldn't go to war against FEAR. That is what you are trying to cover up by degrading me. THAT is the secret.

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