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  1. It would be epic if the same thing that happened to TOP when they tried this were to happen to Doomhouse and the rest of the war peaces out to all hit them. Although at the very least, I think VE should get rid of PB, as DH found starting another war more important than helping PB members who were already engaged in war. I don't dislike VE, but I've always disliked your alliance's choice to ally such alliances who stand for nothing.
  2. If MK wins this it will be the first of many wars like this we see from them to kill potential threats before they have time to materialize into an actual threat. I never bought into any of their rhetoric on why they are better than NPO was pre-karma war, so I'm not surprised to see MK resort to this and think its good that they are finally being honest about their intentions. I think their willingness to start a pre-emptive war combined with MK's reputation for being ruthless towards their defeated opponents in reps asked will be their downfall. In the past MK have justified high reps by claiming to be the victim unjustly attacked in those wars, in this war NPO is clearly the victim.
  3. Sephiroth

    Lack of leaders

    What seems to happen a lot of the time is even those who lack leadership qualities try driving their leaders away thinking they would rather have someone else fill the position, so then they do whatever they can to try couping the leader or make being in the same alliance with them unpleasant enough until the leader gives up and decides the alliance isn't worth leading anymore. Then what the alliance is left with after is often times a leadership vacuum, where either incompetent people take over or someone who is just willing to fill the position because somebody has to, but don't have any direction on where they want to take the alliance beyond just continuing to exist, and aren't interesting in anything beyond self preservation.
  4. Sephiroth

    Place your bets

    If the guy attacking Penkala wasn't fighting 5 other wars I would be willing to bet that he'd beat Penkala, although whether the guy wins or loses has very little to do with Penkala's fighting ability with how many other wars he has going.
  5. What did he do to the car in order to damage it? Was it intentional?
  6. So pretty much this applies to alliances such as the one you're currently in or do you consider your alliance different from the ones you're raiding? Would raiding your alliance be a legitimate way for people to celebrate Raidmas if they happen to be your range?
  7. This nation is on red, although it looks like it might be out of your range. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=164581
  8. If you think the one who told the teacher he saw someone cheating without even being asked is someone to look up to or if you would want to follow their example, then I'm sure a lot of people will want to avoid you or give you a hard time for trying to get them trouble whenever you see them break rule when it doesn't matter. Also you're making the assumption your moral code is the only one in the world and everyone must follow it, I think loyalty to your friends and those you work with, which would be your classmates while in school, is a better moral code to follow than worrying about if others are cheating on tests. If your friend is going to get kicked out of college and his house if he doesn't pass an exam, if his friends decided to help him I think they would be doing a good thing. In the real world mostly what matters are your connections and if your not someone most people would want any connection to you limit your options in life. I think your getting morals and ethics mixed up as well, cheating on a test has nothing to do with morals. Good work ethic is good to have and can improve someone as they get stuff done, but someone isn't immoral for cheating on test.
  9. I wasn't praising the guy and think he'll do better in life if he doesn't try cheating on stuff, but I think the people who always worry about what other people are doing rather than focus on their own test are worse. The guy with the cell phone obviousely shouldn't of been doing that, but I think the person who complained to the teacher and was unable to mind his own business is worse. I doubt you'll get far in life with your mentality as well, if you eventually have a job and you try getting your co-workers in trouble all the time, nobody will like you or want to hang out with you. Also your wrong about your analysis of me, just because I don't like the type of person who tries getting their classmates in trouble doesn't mean I was one of the trouble makers. If the teacher caught him cheating I think he would of deserved whatever punishment he got, but its not any of the other student's responsibly to spy on their classmates and try getting each other in trouble.
  10. Its up to the employer to check whether your degree is worth something and if you've actually learned any skills or if all the training will have to be on the job, also it would depend on the subject if it actually matters if you learn the stuff beyond passing the class. A lot of times its easy to get stuck with classes that don't have anything to do with your major and aren't any fun, for electives and other classes you aren't going to need to know the material once you pass and it doesn't really matter. If for example you cheat your way through trigonometry you're going to have a hard time with calculus and any other math classes that you might take after it, but if its a class where you need to memorize a bunch of artists and identify their artwork, you're not going to need to remember that if your degree has nothing to do with art. Anyways the guy who cheated missed out on learning the material properly, but maybe he had good reason he couldn't study beforehand. Its not really anyone's business what he's doing except maybe the teacher and she doesn't need people giving her more to stress over by complaining over other people cheating.
  11. Not all colleges are accredited, if a you go to one that isn't accredited you can still get a degree, although you can't transfer your credits to one that is.
  12. Most classes have nothing to with your major and the employer should really be checking what skills you really have, depending on the type of college someone goes to they might know nothing about their major and just paid for the degree pretty much. There is no rule stating a college needs to teach someone a certain amount of stuff before they can give a degree to someone.
  13. Does it really make a huge difference if someone memorizes the answers before the test, then forgets them afterward instead of just bringing the answers with them and learning as they take the test? Either way I'm not saying cheating is good, but its none of the other class mates business if he's cheating, that's between him and the teacher. If he did it obviously enough that the teacher saw him he would of deserved punishment, but that she didn't see him and had to rely on the testimony of a classmate who could have immoral intentions is why she didn't do anything other than tighten up the rules, which I think was a good way for her to handle it.
  14. I'm not hiding my age and 23 years old, yet you insult my age first when you're obviously younger. You're probably middle school or high school I would guess from your viewpoints and posts, as it seems you don't have much knowledge to fall back on and mostly just throw insults and sarcasm around. If you think you're acting mature that only further proves you are very young and don't know how to act mature.
  15. So you think everyone should be spying on each other and notifying authorites whenever anyone steps out of line and don't follow all the rules and regulations, I think I understand your point of view now. You favor a police state where nobody can trust each other, you consider those who would turn in their friends to please the state to be doing a noble deed. A twisted way of looking at things you have there, maybe when you reach adulthood your views will change after you've experienced life more.
  16. He didn't get in trouble, so maybe he wasn't even cheating and the person who accused him of it was wrong. However regardless of if he cheated or not using his cell phone, that is no way comparable to robbing someone's house. Your straw man arguments fail and its obvious your just trying to waste anyone's time who bothers to respond to you. I think you're the only person in the entire time I've played CN that I've added to my ignore list, I'm not even sure what your trying to argue in favor of. It seems to me you're trying to argue in favor of people notifying authorities whenever they see someone doing something against the laws or rules, even if it is a victimless action. Do you report your friends when they do something they shouldn't be doing according to whoever is in charge even if they aren't hurting anyone? If you broke a rule would you expect your friends to snitch on you and do you do the same for them? You don't seem like a good guy if you think you're doing a good thing by getting others in trouble pointlessly, when whatever it is they're doing isn't hurting anyone.
  17. You still haven't explained why you think saving the answers on a cell phone rather than memorizing them is comparable to robbing someone's house, one has a clear victim and the other doesn't. It could be argued the person cheating is hurting themselves by not memorizing the material and risking getting in trouble if caught, but unlike with your theft scenario he isn't hurting anyone else. Its obvious though you aren't looking to make a clear argument or back up anything you say with reason, so responding to you is pretty pointless. If your just going to throw outrageous claims without backing any of them up as you describe how you imagine me, there is nothing for me to debate you on other than tell you you're wrong. So far your arguments have consisted of mostly you just making false claims about me, even though you don't know me and that isn't the topic. When all you can do is attack the person you're discussing something with rather than what they're saying, you're not any good at debating and should stop trying. I doubt anyone takes you seriously either way.
  18. I'm not sure where you got that idea, but I'm going to assume you were that person in school that got picked on a lot for various reasons, one of the reasons being you betraying the trust of your classmates and not realizing that even most of the teachers face palm and can't stand those types of people.
  19. Seems the ignore feature doesn't work for blogs, but explain why you think him checking his notes on his phone or checking his text messages is at all similar to breaking into someone's house and robbing them? He already had the information, it was given to him in class or his book. If its a public school it was paid for through taxes, if it wasn't a public school it was still paid for. Also if someone needed to tell the teacher for her to notice, he wasn't cheating very obviously. Most people cheat at school, from my experience going to school those who would tell the teachers whenever they see someone break a rule were the outcasts with almost no friends, not the ones who work together with their friends to make sure they pass.
  20. Except in the story from the OP nobody got robbed, someone just saved their notes onto their cell phone and used that rather than work off memory. Your arguments don't even make sense and I'd be surprised if you believe anything you're saying, but either way I'm ignoring you now, so maybe you can see if someone else will respond to your arguments that don't have anything to do with the discussion at hand.
  21. I don't have a problem with Spirit Day, but I don't think we need more days dedicated to bullying. However if Spirit Day was dedicated to bullying non-gays as well it would have a wider appeal and probably more effective. I think having a bunch of separate days for different types of people getting bullied would be excessive, although you and others wearing purple should be serving as a reminder that you should be doing something, but if you just wear the purple and don't do anything beyond that, its kind of like wearing green on St Patricks Day imo.
  22. What you're showing is when you get jealous of people or they have something you don't, you think its alright to stick your nose into their business when its not hurting anyone, as well as cause other people to start sticking their noses into their business. When I went to school I didn't bother cheating, for me it was easy enough without it. However I never view those who did cheat as low lives, they're just trying to pass the test using whatever ability they have. If someone has a better memory than someone else and this has been verified, would the guy with a better memory be cheating if someone without good memory is taking the test? What if someone takes prescription meds that increase their memory and do so they can think better, would these people be cheating in comparison to those who aren't on meds? Not everyone is made equally and some people need to try different approaches if they are going to be able to pass, there is nothing immoral about this. They just should be ready for the consequences if they get caught. However its obvious intelligent discussion isn't your strong suit, so don't expect anymore responses as I'm done responding to you.
  23. The more you reveal the type of person you are, the more I stop caring about you and am reminded of why I usually don't bother with your posts or ignore them. I don't care if you smile, laugh, post, get angry, disappointed or anything you could do. So keep having a dumb grin on your face, but I don't care.
  24. People pay a fortune to go to college, if you're going to fail after wasting a bunch of money on the classes and books, the smart person would do whatever they can think of to pass. Wasting your parents money and taking out student loans to go to college, then failing college and not being able to pay any of it back because you thought failing would be better than getting creative would be more dishonorable. Your mission when you go to school is to pass your classes and keep advancing until you're done with school, your not having a competition with other student on who gets the best scores. In a competitive game or sport I would agree cheating is dishonorable, but whether someone else taking the same class as you fails or not won't help you pass the class easier. From the story in the OP it sounds like the guy who told the teacher about the cell phone is not doing good in the class and wants to drag others down with him, when his focus should be on how he will pass the class. If he wasn't snitching on those coming up with ideas maybe someone could help him. Trying to get that kid in trouble was a purely spiteful action, the guy who cheated was trying to pass the class as expected and wasn't hurting anyone. The teacher wouldn't of even known and nobody would of been upset or hurt by him cheating if someone wasn't jealous and snitching to the teacher. Also the guy didn't even copy of someone else, so how is that theft again? Nobody owned the guys notes on his cell phone except the guy who put them there.
  25. If she didn't have a policy against cell phones in the classroom I don't see how it was really cheating, if a teacher allows talking and using your notes during a test you wouldn't be cheating if you looked them up or asked the person next to you, you would just be finding a different route to finding the same answer. Nobody gets hurt in the process if someone decides to prepare better than someone else to make sure they pass, if the other guy fails its his fault for not trying hard enough. For him to blame the guy who was thinking ahead is a pathetic attitude to have, instead he should of been learning from what the guy was doing instead of both failing the test and making a fool of himself. If you always worry about what other people have that you have no claim to or things they are doing even if it doesn't concern you, then I doubt you'll be very popular or get far in life. The person probably didn't get in trouble and still got 90/100 on the test because he didn't break any of the classroom rules, maybe she banned cell phones in class after the fact because she didn't want to deal with more complainers. Also unless she saw what he was doing, it was one person's word against somebody else and I doubt anyone would admit to cheating unless the teacher already has the evidence. The teacher made rules on cell phones more harsh to prevent people from cheating that way again, pretty much all she could of been expected to do. If people wanted to see something bad happen to the guy who used his cell phone on the test, then I can only wonder what else he has done to piss people off. Nobody cares when their friends are cheating, but when someone they don't like does it...
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