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Senators who run under the LPC platform and are elected will be committed to using their powers to defend the liberty, specifically the freedom of association and freedom of commerce, of all party members on the sphere.


This includes the freedom to do tech deals and trade with all nations on the Sphere who aren't sanctioning anybody. The LPC was created as an anti-Sanction Organization with the use of Sanctions only allowed when retaliating against others who  use Sanctions. With me gone, it falls on every LPC member to make sure the LPC keeps to that commitment, if they want to be able to call themselves a member proudly. In gaining our seat and recognition, the LPC fought many uphill wars without resorting to Sanctions against aggressors, since abandoning what the LPC was founded on was the only way the enemy could win.


The easiest way for an enemy to win is infiltration and change the LPC from within, so true LPC members need to be forever vigilant. 

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