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  1. Thanks again to all of the Purple Unity Members for voting us into PEACE!!! and Buff !!! you da man....!!! PaladinZ BigZ President MET President MET (yes I have asked THE GOD's of Bob to change my login to President MET but as yet they have not. and yes I see someone complained about it so yes I sent a reminder pm about it to the God's of Bob) PS THANK YOU ALL THE REST OF YOU FOR HELPING THIS TO BE ONE OF THE LONGEST TREADS I have had the pleasure to be a part of.
  2. I am so Glad to Know Mushroom Kingdoms Opinion. This means of course our support of your needs when you has tech you wanted count for nothing. We shall not be sending any of our aid/tech your direction from now on, esp as you defended the complete idiot (Azaghul) who liked to insult disabled children... I am sorry was I too subtle? PaladinZ
  3. Amen MegaMetal26, Amen my Brother!!! 0/ Megametal26 0/ Paladins of Freedom 0/Peace
  4. We really must mean something deeply important to Stumpy for him to help boost the article like he has. My serious post. PaladinZ
  5. Forget the Jokes, Stumpy, but the Guy rooting for you has not an ounce of Class... I wont be sharing your opinion with my son, he is and I am proud of his accomplishments dones with more character and grace then Azaghul probably will ever know. Got your back Buff!!! you get mine!!! PaladinZ
  6. I hereby Nominate Stumpy for the "Thanks for Bumping our Very Perfect Purple Unity Announcement!"!!! /0 Purple.... Not so sure about this Azaghul character.... PaladinZ
  7. The Paladins of Freedom Thank ALL of Purple Unity for their consideration... We are Proud to take our place among such Great Alliances and People!!! Special Thanks to Olympus and Legion for advising us and Sponsoring our application. /0 Paladins of Freedom /0 Purple /o PEACE
  8. Congratulations !!!! Go Legion Go Legion !!!! Your ever loving and Protected PoF the Magic Dragon!!! PaladinZ President MET MeBIGz
  9. Thank you ALL.... For your well wishes now here is looking forward to more.... o/ The Paladins of Freedom o/ Quantum Leap 0/ All of Purple.... Lets let Unity Roll!!!!
  10. The PoF the Magic Dragon, takes a Quantum Leap PIAT!! Preamble Friends for the Old Country, we met again with joy, remembering our mutual friends and long lost loved ones, we vowed never to allow our world of friendship to erupt into the chaos of friend agents friend and neighbor against neighbor, and being Leaders in our own right now we now Join our Powers for the Good of the people, creating bonds of friendship stronger then we have heretofore ever had... Never again, Article 1 - Peace The Paladins of Freedom and Quantum agree to not attack each party by any means, (NO sneakiness) this includes acts of espionage and aiding the others enemy. Peace also includes a 15 day Non Aggression (no Spit Ball's) Pact once the cancellation period is up and the treaty is nonexistent. Article 2 – Intelligence (Who's the Smarty Farty?) Should either party receive a viable threat (No The Watter Balloon Ambushes in June do not count!) to the other from proper means (no Sneakiness allowed!!!), then it is the duty of said party (Happy Birthday to ME!!!) to report it to the other in the spirit of friendship and cooperation (not like the bratty sisters next door). If an ally (BIG Brass Ones) at or above the level of MDP goes to one party in trust, then the information is not required to be shared, this treaty is a stepping stone, but stepping stones are smaller then boulders to start (hey, you, yea you! NO throwing the stones, what you want to hurt somebody?). Article 3 - (Band)Aid Should either party need aid in any form non-military, then it is up to the other party (Party? Wheres the Party? Am I invited?) to do their best to provide such aid (NO RASPBERRY KIWI COOLAID THIS!). This aid includes, but is not limited to money (SHOW me the MONEY!!!), tech, guides, trades, and emotional support on the long nights with no sleep (Anyone else thinking Monster Energy Drinks!!!?). Article 4 – Cancellation (What you wantt to Sell a Nation? You Cant cell a Nation!!Smack you're self silly!!) Should Quantum or the Paladins of Freedom desire to cancel this treaty (yea as IF!!!), then the party (Again with the Parties, why do I not get told in advance, what? you no like me?) who wishes to cancel shall inform the other party and then a 72 hour grace (Amazing Grace Hos Sweet the Sound of Our Friendship!) period shall be given. Signed for Paladins of Freedom: BigZ Xammux-Speaker of the Gods (President) Mercs2foru-Enforcer of the Will (Vice President with Muscle) MegaMetal26- Prophet of Erathis (Minister of Internal Affairs) Hiddenshadows-Minister of Foreign Affairs Bearcrawl-Bahamut Minister of WAR RedDawn- Ravenqueen Ministry of Justice Raiden-Minister of Commerce Steeldor-Evangelist Signed for by the Quantum High Council: Toraoji - Chancellor of Diplomacy Lmcfalcon12 - Chancellor of War and Defense Attitude Adjuster - Chancellor of the Interior Madalchemist - Chancellor of Commerce BigO82 - Ombudsman B)
  11. We Thank you and we have great hope of continuing relationships with your alliances and starting new ones with those of you we do not yet know!!!
  12. The Paladins of Freedom Newly Elected Government! Speaker of the Gods-BigZ (also Known as PaladinZ, Equivalent to President) Enforcer- mercs2foru (Direct deliverer of the Speakers Guidence) Erathis- Megametal26 (Minister of Internal Affairs) Fharlanghn - Hiddenshadow (Minister of Foreign Affairs) (External oops lol) Bahamot - Bearcrawl (Minister of War) Avandra- Raiden (Minister of Commerce "the one to come to to ask about getting tech trades from our Alliance") Ioun-megametal26 (Minister of Education) (Our Judges when Needed) Raven Queen 1-megametal26 Raven Queen 2- kazzi Raven Queen 3- reddawn Steeldor - Evangelist (Recruiter Apointed by our New MoIA) I have been Blessed with the Faith of my Sisters and Brothers of the Paladins of Freedom. This I hold dear and to honor will hold my self to the Highest Standards Possible. Of Work. Of Care. Of Trustworthiness. I will make no requests of these my family of Paladins that I am not willing myself to do. The Ultimate Blessing is the willingness and the election of so many hard working Paladins for this Adminastration. We look forward to the Bright Future, one emblazoned with Purple from sea to shinning sea. Purple Unity!!! Purple Honor!!! Purple People!!! 0/ Purple Sphere 0/ Legion Our Protectorate 0/ Paladins of Freedom Many thanks and 0/ to our Treaty partners and to the ones we will soon sign with!!!
  13. Cogradulations!!! 0/Legion Hope to get to know you Monos Archein!! 0/Paladins of Freedom
  14. Congratulations!!! Well Done!!! and Glad were becoming fast friends!!! and thanks for the Embassy !! Here's to our mutual bright Future... B) B) we just Gotta wear Shades!!!
  15. ZIG, It would be good to become your own man... ///Everyone need to know ZIG did this on his own not as a member of any alliance!!! BIGz
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