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  1. Spot filled. Thank you!
  2. BUMP - spot is open for one nation with fish and uranium in this trade circle. Message in-game if you want this spot!
  3. One slot has opened up. Message in-game for tech.
  4. 1. Zemeckis of Esgares Empire ---------- Fish and Uranium 2. Mooney of Free Parking ---------- Aluminum and Lumber 3. Thomas18 of Terre Or ---------- Iron and Pigs 4. Gumdrop of Daicheong ---------- Cattle and Wheat 5. ScottieBranch of Yatta ---------- Spices and Water Last chance for anyone with Marble and Sugar (or anyone who can change to Marble and Sugar) to step forward to claim a spot before it's too late!
  5. Just messaged my marble/water trade partner, Emperor Neptune. Assuming he agrees, we only need spices and sugar and we're set. :-)
  6. Just messaged you guys in game, one more blue nation and we're done!
  7. Bump. I am also a blue nation looking for a TC, and also willing to change resources.
  8. Three slots open! Send a request in-game.
  9. I'm in. Aluminum - Mooney Coal - Gold - Iron - Icemaner Lead - Lumber - Mooney Marble - Oil - Rubber - Uranium- Wheat - Water - Icemaner
  10. Looking to create a 3BR trade circle, or even join an existing one. Willing to change resources, currently have aluminium & lumber. Message me in game. Cheers.
  11. I just noticed you switched to Orange. In that case I'll have to pass.
  12. I'd be happy to join you. I unfortunately changed resources yesterday. For now I've got lumber/aluminium.
  13. [quote name='Stetson' timestamp='1298185310' post='2639237'] See this is where the your disconnect with reality comes in...MK is the one doing the "messing with". [/quote] I was referring to CoJ's war declaration. You must be vertically challenged, because the point went way over your head.
  14. [quote name='ShotgunWilly' timestamp='1298183669' post='2639216'] Y'see... that's the problem, you guys didn't declare on us [/quote] So why are you complaining? Even more reason to be happy!
  15. [quote name='Yankees Empire' timestamp='1298145189' post='2638561'] Where's the DoW on ODN? [/quote] You left me a little bereft of joy FEAR.
  16. [quote name='ShotgunWilly' timestamp='1298183086' post='2639207'] Uh huh... I recognize that you guys are fighing legion too... along with 5 other alliances And I think you make my point about people being in peace mode to reduce the strain even more [/quote] Look, we all see your point. We just declared on a bunch of small alliances and this makes us look like big, bad, orange overlords. But really, you should see it as a compliment that we saw it fit to declare on you too. This is the drawback of Legion hiding nations in PM, it puts pressure on a swath of other alliances who are putting their nations on the line. Maybe you should be asking Legion for answers, instead of us.
  17. [quote name='KingEsus' timestamp='1298182917' post='2639202'] Having been away from my nation for a few days, tonight I had a dream. I dreamt the war was over. With the weakest of 3g phone signals I came to check. And found this. Well done on turning an interesting conflict into a massacre. Cowards, scum, and many other adjectives besides. [/quote] Shouldn't be messing with MK, then.
  18. [quote name='itseZe' timestamp='1266860140' post='2197489'] Why join the ODN? - We're one of the top 10 alliances, and the oldest on the Orange Team - We're the largest democracy in the game; we value everyone's opinion - Nation building programs that are designed to keep your nation growing throughout your time in the ODN - Our mentoring system to help get our Applicants up to speed - The ODN's large, active community - Our extensive nation building guides - Protection against aggressors - The ODN has rich history and is home to many of CN's most well known members [/quote] Also, hello.
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