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  1. Everyone has the option to ignore the coalition and focus on their allies instead. Fight the enemies of your allies and let the chips fall where they may. You will be criticized, as it is impossible to "win" if you fight on both sides of a large coalition war. But you will likely maintain the goodwill of all your allies instead of just those who also fell on side A. Of course, some people value their pixels so much they would never be willing to fight on both sides of a coalition war. It can also put a big fat target on your back for coalition mates on side A who take issue with you for fighting in defense of an alliance on side B.
  2. You might as well sing along and enjoy the ride while your doom awaits.
  3. Thanks for the spreadsheet link. Fun stuff.
  4. Sounds like it would be entertaining. It would be very interesting if the same people show up more then once over the duration of the war.
  5. Scorn

    The "real" Coffee

    What happens when you press on the handle? I am not a coffee drinker myself, but had a roommate that worked at Starbucks for a long time. His primary concern for coffee makers was that they use a metal filter, because paper filters apparently absorb too many oils present in the coffee slurry mixture (not sure what to call unfiltered coffee). Does your coffee pot Moka style require paper filters? Long live hot chocolate!
  6. Scorn

    War Movies - TOP 5

    Braveheart would be in my top five war movies. I also enjoy the Civil war epic Glory; Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick did excellent work and the action sequences seethed with a realistic representation of Civil war era battle confusion. Anyone else a fan of Last of the Mohicans? There you go King Wally, three non-modern era war films.
  7. I got the impression that he was a superhero since he was able to alter the forces of gravity.
  8. Adventurer makes it seem like you are enjoying yourself more, so I voted for that one. If you are barely eeking out an existence; joy and happiness are foreign concepts then survivalist would look more appropriate.
  9. Scorn


    Is it today that has you down? I still miss him too. Glad you are still about the place even though the moniker and nation have changed.
  10. I think it is great that your friends got you so well. Now we need to know if Realy Awesome Blue was actually IRC incompetent or annoying you to see how you would react. That he spelled his name wrong I could go either way.
  11. You are probably going to hear a lot of backlash about Knights of Ni! as long as you remain a raiding alliance and continue to promote the practice of raiding. So in this case a military defeat is not your sole means of restitution. One of the prices of tech raiding is that you will hear negative comments about tech raiding.
  12. I am not sure where you have seen the NPO lording it over others in the post Karma world. If you haven't seen change it is probably because you are not looking hard enough.
  13. People shouldn't be so nit picky about the time (or the formatting). Six months or a year from now and people won't care if June 29th is updated at 0300 or 2355. It is just a fun little bonus thing to check in on the sanction race. Anyone that takes time out of their busy day to do an update is performing a community service. I thank you.
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