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  1. Words like honorable and evil are thrown around far too easily on Bob. Perhaps TOP was both, most likely, they were neither. It is ok to be neither. Honor is a hypocritical notion that is totally linked to the stomping side or the stomped side. The bottom line is, TOP has had some wonderfully fine people over the years who I greatly enjoyed working with. At the same time, TOP has had some of the most infuriating , overly cautious people to work with over the years. Ultimately, I liked what I liked about them,. more than I disliked what I disliked about them. so they were an asset to Planet Bob.  Fare the well old friendversaries.

  2. There are very precious few events that change the course of history on any planet in the Universe. This was one such instance of changing the course of history on Planet Bob. I am proud of my time, accomplishments, and friendships that came out of this endeavor. Alliances and blocs have and may continue to come and go, but at a base level, there was never, ever, a closer group than this and there will never be again. 

  3. Just now, Lord Hitchcock said:


    I never said that. I said you're an old, washed up geezer. Sitting in your rocking chair bickering about the new, young and active generation.


    This is prime time to be a new ruler, every one needs a tech dealer- and you can pretty much do and say what you want- it isn't like the old days where ZI punishments and reparations were a thing.


    It doesn't surprise me that the older timers are !@#$%*ing about the new generation of leaders. Speaking of, did they even have nukes back in your day?


    I realize, little one, that your ego is starving and you need to feed it at all costs....and I really hate to do it to you shnookums, but I just have to  break it to you cleanly and straightforwardly the only way I can....



    I was not talking about you. 


    Now, quickly, someone get this heartbroken little man a tissue.

  4. 2 minutes ago, HeroofTime55 said:

    TBH this game belongs dead.  The glory days are long past, and people cling to the past because loss is difficult.

    This game has already died and is a shambling corpse of what it used to be.  I am doubtful it can be revived at this point.  This game had its time, the times were great for many years, and then it suffered the worst fate, a slow decline into irrelevancy.

    I won't forget the good times had, for sure.  This game was a significant part of my life, as it was for many others here.  But I've come to terms with the loss.  The memories will last forever, but that's all that is left.

    No, no, just ask the current active people, the old days of the game were a joke, and the new crop is doing a far better job. Literally, one of them said this to me.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Lord Hitchcock said:


    you still live in your "glory days"... put the cane down and bring about the change you want


    ...or at least focus on your daily dose of fiber, rather than today's politics.


    You're too old to make a change Rush, which is pretty much the consensus of most of bob blaming Oculus for their short comings.



    I will go slow so you may have a chance to understand. First, I neither want, nor seek any change of any kind. The only way I would  want or seek any change is if I felt the urge to get involved. I do not. I will, however, publish my commentary on events and contrast them to the realities of days gone by because THAT is what entertains me. There is nothing at all, in the real of the political world, or in the mechanics of CN that can or will ever entice me back into caring enough to try to make things happen. So put and end to the incorrect assertion on your part that I need to bring about change that "I want." Now I realize because you post 60 or 70 times a day on a make believe political forum that MAYBE in total gets 200 posts a day, you feel like you are an important, maybe even integral part of what happens in CN. However, just so we are clear, let me make sure that you understand .... You are nothing. You have never been anything, and you will never be anything. You are small fish in an ever shrinking fish bowl. The scourge of 900 NS nations everywhere. If you have fun with what you are doing... hoorah for you. Much like you give your commentary on what is left of big boy politics (of which you know nothing), I will give my opinion on todays game (of which I know a plethora.) I neither seek, require, nor care about your approval. You are like the Senior Peon of Orgrimmar. Yes, you are the top of your line, but a peon nonetheless.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Lord Hitchcock said:


    no it was you. a hero in retirement disgraced at sitting in an alliance complaining and watching Oculus cut through like butter. I could pull up posts if you'd like for reference. (edit: i did)


    It's the major problem on bob, old handbags like you are quick to criticize the hegemony, but are too old / unmotivated to roll back up your sleves and do something about it. 


    "This is likely the move that will be the beginning of the end for Oculus. Seriously, whoever the Einsteins were that though this up, are complete amateurs who have suddenly found themselves in a position of relevance. Cannot believe NPO gov actually allowed this. It is probably a really good thing I am not in gov. My advice to the rest of ODN, if I run for office, it would be in  your best interest not to vote for me." -Old Man Rush




    Are you intentionally obtuse or just intellectually challenged? I wonder which it is. Two things... first, the thread you linked had zero to do with STA, which you specifically mentioned in your previous post. Second, my only error in that post, which I have subsequently corrected on MANY occasions was overestimating the number of people left in the game who cared. In days past, that move, would indeed have been a moronic move by Oculus. Also, your assertion that I somehow "complained against STA (You meant TPF, you're welcome) burning" is patently absurd. Anyone who knows one freaking iota of my history knows  that , much like Mi6, rolling TPF is never EVER a bad option. I was commenting on the political capital that the move WOULD have cost, while, as I admitted, being in error of the value of political capital in this world where nobody cares. Do not try to fence with me little one, you are woefully outgunned.

  7. Oculus leadership is, quite frankly, too busy congratulating themselves on their political victories, that they failed to realize they were not playing against anyone. Does Oculus inherently kill potential politics in (what is left of) the game? Absolutely. For Frawley, or anyone else, it is ridiculous to deny.


    That being said, it was always destined to be the natural progression of things. As the active pool of players declines, as they have all been interacting for years  upon years, they all, OOC, LIKE each other. We can talk until we are blue in the face about IC vs OOC, but 99.999999% of ALL decisions made in game have been made by OOC personaes with no effort at all to play in an IC personae, because RP is such a niche thing. When it turns out that there are 100-200 active people and they have all known each other for years, they are going to congregate to each other, because their friendships have at least crossed a blurred IC-OOC line. It is why grudges no longer exist. It is why NPO and NpO are together now. The cause is simply that this game and its mechanics did not evolve as fast as interpersonal relationships evolved. The effect is that we have what we have now. The folly of it all does not fall on Frawley, or any other leadership of any alliance in Oculus. The only folly that these people are guilty of (if they actually think it)... is the belief that they have accomplished something. There is nothing at all left to accomplish in the gigantic circle-jerk that IS CN. The logs speak very clearly to that... nobody dislikes anybody else, and more and more people have alliance hopped to the point that everyone is friends with everyone in every alliance.


    TL;DR : Oculus stagnates the game. Yes. It is NOT their fault. Their only fault is the tiresome self-congratulation that they give one another for what amounts to beating yourself in a game of checkers. (Chess would be too complex for the simplicity of the current CN world.)


  8. 4 hours ago, Devilyn Caster said:


    2 minutes ago, Devilyn Caster said:


    I left TLR for MK, and joined MI6 after MK disbanded because it was active (something TLR was not). As to our conversation, i'm sure we had several, most notably iirc about NPO. I do not necessarily take issue with the powers that be rush, or currying favor with them. That is an undeniable fact of this game. But when the powers that be control the dominant portion of NS on Bob and are tied to the rest, then it directly impacts the politics (aka fun) of this universe. 


    In addition, MI6 stated from the beginning that we set out to play the political game and be "King Makers." What I was told about TBC was that they did not desire that. They wanted nothing to do with the hegemony, and for a while I believed them. I take issue with the 180. When the leaders of the splinter AA whom you have been friends with for years tell you something, you generally take them at their word.

    . You have part of that fundamentally wrong. Mi6 wanted to be KINGS because too many alliances settle for being KINGMAKERS. And the powers that be have ALWAYS controlled the majority of strength on Bob. The CURRENT powers that be, I will grant you, have exceeded any level of power control of anyone else, and HAVE successfully ruined any aspect of a political game, but part of me expects that they are perfectly okay with it. My issue was more that you specifically said currying favor with the powers that be is what elevates your blood pressure (indicating that it is something you think should not be done)... yet you joined Mi6 at the height of doing just that. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Devilyn Caster said:


    Gonna chime in here with my two cents.


    YOU burnt bridges by betraying the members of MI6 who still trusted you. YOU burnt bridges by joining up with the hegemony, betraying your raison d'etre (as was explained to me by SEVERAL of your founding members, gov't and non gov't) and have burnt bridges by joining the worst hegemonic force this game has seen.


    You willfully admit to bandwagoning in this thread, then have the gall to say no hard feelings, MI6 deserves it, etc etc?


    You left MI6 because you do not like Chim. That is fine. His personality is what drives MI6; we would simply cease to exist without his efforts. 


    You had problems with Chim. Also fine; Chim can be a major !@#$%^&. We worked on this together; put into place a system to try and give us some breathing room.


    Your attempt to curry favor with the powers that be is what gives me elevated blood pressure. I had so much respect for you guys; I even flirted with joining a time or two. You know what stopped me? How incredible fickle you are.


    Love or hate Chim, he is consistent. He is loyal. and he sticks to his guns when he believes something. That is what I value on Bob; there's damn little loyalty left in this place. Friends > Infra was more than just a saying to some of us back in 2008, and it still rings true in my heart today. 


    I am deeply, thoroughly disgusted.


    I swear I remember you and I having almost this exact conversation the day you left TLR for Mi6. You cannot be too displeased by currying favor with the powers that be, that is how Mi6 blew into this world, and is the state of Mi6 the day you joined. 

  10. Things that I find amusing in this thread :


    1) GOONS being bullied...lol wow.


    2) Political amateurs that still engage in hyperbole as if there are hearts and minds of undecideds to be won.


    3) How ironic it is to watch NPO decay into everything that the friends I had in NPO tried so hard to steer away from. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it is just ironic.


    4) 2 War threads involving highly connected alliances can barely clear 20 pages in 4-5 days. Boy this planet is... something....


    5) How thick the veil of hypocrisy in CN continues to grow.


    Carry on kiddos.

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