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  1. Because alliances are too chicken!@#$ to make wars more even nowadays. They also go out of their way to ally a good chunk of the alliances that were on the opposite side, thus giving us the tangled treaty web we currently have. Add in the massive inactivity of most alliances nowadays as well as the fact that a sizable portion of CN are adults with full-time jobs or full-time college and bam.

    Just out of curiosity, does this include your alliance?

  2. I don't think anyone ever denied LoSS wanted to fight NG. However, I was told the biggest component of the rush to sign and attack was they were worried about a treaty partner on the other side being hit first. Honestly, with some more effort, an actual treaty chain could have been constructed to get them to NG. I wasn't involved much yet with the coalition when it happened, so I don't know why there wasn't more of an effort to get a non-last minute treaty chain through, tbh.

    I know why. It was pretty much the same leadership that the lazy "A Declaration on one is a declaration on all" BS came from.

  3. Rush stating what he did to Marx after writing what he did about NG... I don't think Rush gets what "opinion" means anymore. A lot of CN probably read what Rush did about NG and laughed thinking that NG were a lot different than what he posted (probably thought the same way like "how was Rush ever in gov" and "good thing Rush is retired now").

    That is pretty much the par-for-the-course NO U reposnse I would expect. The Rush who is not in gov, is vastly different from the one who was in gov. It is okay for you all to forget that, I do not mind. The freedom that retirement has given me (freedom from the bonds of having to worry about how my words would effect our sphere, or our ally's tertiary spheres) allows me to be much more of a straight shooter than I ever was. It does not mean I forget how gov should act.

    It has become quite important to your little sphere of friends to paint me as some stark raving lunatic. A lot of effort for a guy who does not mean much, no? There are differences between opinion and fact. This entire blog and every comment around it is about my opinion. There are enough people who really know me, though. Who know that I do not arrive at willy-nilly opinions, they are shaped by real discourse, real words and real actions. As such, for you to comment on my opinion about Marx vs my opinion on NG, is akin to a blind man telling me what color tie I should wear. You have no idea my interactions with both entities in question, but you are quick to assume that it is unimportant.

    In a nutshell... that kind of attitude is what is wrong with your silly little alliance.

  4. The NPO doesn't always have to be the enemy but I will never trust them since they have given me no reason to over the last 8 years. I have no qualms with pointing out when they are blatantly lying or overplaying their position. Like last war when they were complaining that the watered down terms they received were harsher and just as undeserved as Karma's when they attempted to levy harsher terms on Umbrella along with IRON and AI (now Valhalla) in EQ.

    As for your weak part about how you won't trust us ever again; Do whatever you think would satisfy your friends in the NPO if it makes you feel good. You knew where we stood and that we would act in accordance with our non-chaining MDoAP. That you and C&G chose to go from partners with DH and co. to lackeys of a mediocre personality cult is something we haven't lost any sleep over, I assure you.

    I read and read and read the words you write, and I wonder , how with so many bright individuals in GOONS, that they looked around them and said "We want this guy in gov." You a) know nothing b) understand less and c) are an absolute embarrassment to years of GOONS history. It is too bad they do not realize it for themselves.

  5. Disagree that IRON was set up. Agree their FA has been amazing this year, starting with keeping NG and then signing with DBDC.

    I agree TOP gets an F in our FA approach. We've made no new ties, severed no ties, and we've failed to plot against our enemies in a way to screw them over.

    The fact that some of our allies have chosen to go in on one side while the other allies are being ganked is a demonstrable failure on our part.

    If TOP as a whole was more like you, and lost some of the inherent arrogance they treated so many with between the run-up to the last war and now, they might not be in this position.

  6. What you intended (Your smugness as a joke) and what people saw it as (You being an ass) are two vastly different things. You can insult someone all day and say "No offense" but at the end of the day, you insulted them.

    It also does not address the point that Mi6's smugness and talking down to literally everyone, created a reality where nobody wanted to be anywhere near them (save those who had already snuggled up to them), and this desire to be nowhere near Mi6, shut down EVERY FA option that TOP and friends tried to exploit. But hey, at least the members of Mi6 got to try to land zingers in every post.

  7. MI6's activity is both her greatest strength and her greatest weakness. We all know that and accept it. The 'smugness' was an OWF persona adopted for our own entertainment value (well except maybe Myth!), and not a reflection of the alliance we are - as our friends and allies would tell you. We're convenient to blame for what's happening now, and I do applaud our enemies - even the ones we didn't know we'd made for sure until they kindly informed us - for taking that opportunity we handed them.

    This is an alliance that has 35 or so members on IRC a night and, with less than 1% of CN's player base, probably has 10% of its OWF posts for the past year and a half. So yeah, it's easy to point out a few posts or a couple poaches and to take it negatively from there. But this is also an alliance that fiercely defends its allies, has one of CN's best growth rates and economic efficiency ratings, fights like hell and has made a dead game new again to nearly a hundred people. So I'm pretty proud of it. Your attacks are both tired and expected, Rush. Enjoy the waning days of this world as you see fit - so will we.

    Translated : we failed to be kings rather than kingmakers.

  8. KZ, as someone who hasn't been playing during nearly the entirety of our existence -- unless you've had a fetish for CN's recent history or are relying entirely on second hand accounts -- I don't know what you're basing it on.

    The idea that our value is vested in how other people attempt to influence others to portray the rest of the world is simply false.

    In fact -- we've even had some nice intel that despite certain peoples desire to forget the past and claim we're evil incarnate based on a few perpetual CN malcontent's / false brotherhood of irrelevant political pawns like Rush-- dislikes and desperate desire to hit TOP and its allies -- no one actually has wanted to step forward and do anything about coming after us -- even your pals in Non Grata backed off.

    So unless we are taking value in something so hilariously subjective as "how x alliance views common enemy due to de-facto ties to y," feel free to cut down on the trite !@#$%^&*. This game is too old to be pretending that perception is anything but a lie used as a means to influence rather than an actual barrier.

    It's like saying y'all ended up curbstomped last war because people didn't like Nordreich.

    People are more than capable of deducing that if we wanted to abandon our allies we could have maneuvered ourself into quite the safe position.

    Unfortunately not throwing your allies into the garbage at the first opportunity is a forgotten relic of the past it seems and woe be unto those who rather than ditching them for the convenience of never having to fight a meaningful war stand by them through thick and thin.

    I must be a real smug prick for writing this though!

    It is like you are intentionally ignoring the point. I would invite you to go ask around among those not in the Platysphere... and even among some of those in XX sphere what exactly it is they think about your alliance... and why.

    You talk down to literally everyone. And let us be honest, you blatantly and smugly point out "poaching" members (I really hate the poaching argument, but lets be flipping honest, LOTS OF ALLIANCES CARE ABOUT IT.) It is like it never ever occurred to you, or to any of your poached members, that you should probably STFU about poaching and let it go away, rather than embracing it and using every last opportunity to remind specific alliances of your successful wresting away of their members(this will shock you Myth, but when you remind ONE alliance of a poached member, you have reminded all of them.) Then for others, it is that you act like you have single handedly conquered the world, when you have done (are you ready for this...) NOTHING. It is why I repeat to earn your smug before you flaunt your smug. Your alliance, to be COMPLETELY blunt, is trying VERY hard to be the new MK, only you have not one iota of personality, not one strong figure who can be looked at with a wide degree of respect from nearly everyone. These opinions are not mine, they are COMMON among a large portion of the planet. This will fall totally on deaf ears because your entire alliance is made up of members with a sole purpose being to "land that zinger on anyone who doesnt like us." There is a time to shut up , put your head down and change a rotten image, instead you choose to believe the image is made up, and ignore what is so plainly obvious to so many people. I will await your reply with the aforementioned zinger about TLR inactivity,. Rush and pink elephants, or Rush thinks he know everything from 2 year old Skype calls.

    The reasons for the almost universal disdain of your alliance are many. I am personally quite happy that you choose to believe the reasons are none.

  9. Dear Rush

    At what point can MI6 become smug enough so that we can create blog posts judging whole alliances and spheres whilst residing in an AA which has been inactive and irrelevant since I can't even remember.

    You can do it any time you want sweetiecakes. By all means, do not address the points, address my actions. This is why you remain toxic. "What, us? No we are grand."

  10. allies mk, bandwagons on !@#$%baggery, calls out alliance that actually hasn't done anything of the sort

    I called your alliance out simply for what it is... a smug alliance that has done 0 to earn its smug. You flaunt your smug to everyone. You ARE the reason nobody would give TOP-Polar the time of day, and you do not even realize it, but ask around... you will find out that you were just too busy being fabulous to recognize the damage you were doing. Congrats on being kings and not kingmakers.

  11. TLR wasn't the alliance IRON was originally supposed to fight. They were supposed to fight GATO but threw a fit over the prospect of fighting GATO's upper tier. TLR was a compromise that IRON chose and insisted upon.

    LoSS was rushed in because they were concerned they would end up getting pulled in by the otherside. The decision to put them on NG was made spur of the moment by people who had little to do with the macro-management of the coalition itself. IRON's response (threatening to counter LoSS) was handled and resolved through a negotiation where NG mad an ass of itself and IRON ultimately opted to continue to prefer its allies among the coalition and its commitment to the coalition.

    To broadly respond to your point though, you're giving way too much credit to the architects of that coalition. It was as surprising and baffling to us that IRON fared so badly in the war as it probably was to IRON. You're of course free to reject this, but know that I myself would much prefer to believe it was a huge conspiracy and have little to gain at this point from blowing smoke up anyone's ass. History is just never quite that interesting.

    So you are saying STILL that nobody in your coalition gave one iota of thought to "perspective vs reality"... Lets be clear, I do not believe you. I do no believe you based on conversations I had mid-war with VIPs on all fronts. But lets say you are right... your entire leadership was filled with morons if you are right. TOP (pun intended) to bottom, your coalition was filled with idiots for leaders (if you are right)... Either way.. if I am right, or if you are right, you deserve to be right where you are, either through duplicity or incompetence.

  12. OK, I'll bite. How did the coalition betray IRON?

    I remember a lot of people resenting IRON for taking a softball target in the war but I can't recall anything that could approach a 'betrayal' by the coalition, certainly nothing that could materially be constructed as a 'betrayal'.

    Seriously... your coalition did... or it allowed people to... take EVERY single shot that could possibly be taken at IRON. TLR defending an IRON ally? We will ask IRON to hit them. Seriously.. did NOBODY think there would be fallout? We(TLR) did not even NEED the coverage. If ANYONE in your coalition were looking out for IRON, they would not have been asked to make that DoW. An IRON ally SQUARELY in the Platysphere (VE) signs an eleventh hour ODP with LoSS just to let LoSS take a potshot at NG(another IRON ally).. and not one Einstein in your coalition said "umm, maybe we should not prod IRON so openly." Your Coalition was working 2 angles. Accomplishing the task at hand, and setting up IRON for post-war isolation. If you deny that this was be design, you insult the intelligence of every living , breathing ruler on Planet Bob that has 2 brain cells to rub together. These were no "unfortunate sets of circumstances"... they were moves that were NOT needed , they lent not one iota of ease to your coalition victory... they had but ONE point. The miscalculation that everyone would cut IRON loose is why you guys are where you are now. Now you will reply to this, and be a good soldier and say "There was no design at work here, we were just locked into a series of unfortunate events." Fortunately, most of us here play CN and not Lemony Snicketts.

    Even IF you were miraculously right... and it was a series of unfortunate events... SOMEONE in your coalition should have taken the reigns and realized that perception would STILL trump reality, and the coalition leadership takes the blame for the missteps (see NPO in EQ) , and if we let this nonsense happen, nobody will touch us post-war because nobody will trust us. Well guess what? Nobody would touch you post-war, because nobody trusted you. For people who were SUPPOSED to be so smart, you failed at basic understanding 101 (your coalition leadership), because you either a) it was a setup or b) TOP-Polar leadership was 100% grossly incompetent.

  13. What if you slice it in the way that the coalition betrayed you first? Because if what Shah said is true, that's basically what happened. Under those circumstances it doesn't seem terribly unreasonable.

    Pretty much this. The coalition ABSOLUTELY, 100% betrayed IRON 1st. This is not in dispute, and if you dispute it, you are just trying too hard to be a good soldier.

  14. You forgot about when IRON nearly turned on the coalition they were fighting with in the previous war.

    I forgot nothing. In fact, it was a MISTAKE for them not to do it. Why? Because the setup was so damned obvious. Why SHOULD they help those who want to kill them, set them up TO kill them? Considering backstabbing the entire coalition was not only the ONE thing they did right, they should have followed through.

  15. Last minute still isn't an accurate way to describe it and anyone of the allies we are supporting in this conflict could tell you.

    Last minute is m ore a generic term to coincide with the current events. It was VERY short term from signing to DoW, but like I said, I see why it makes sense, and I know you know the risk to reputation, so I am not here to debate right or wrong. It's not a move I would have made, I know why you made it, and it makes sense. I will see what comes of it before I judge it successful or unsuccessful.

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