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  1. Down declare ....... up declare lol .........................who cares, it's a game for free on the world wide web I've enjoyed my three battles and hope to engage again soon, I had my money reserves spied but it's part of the game but pisses me off as I choose not to do it. I've had a nuke up my ass every day but it just keeps the bills low and helps in a special sort of way if you manage your nation properly. I sense a further couple of wars with the Alpha wolves in this round where I will get my own back happy warring
  2. bunnet

    Imperium Decree regarding Sengoku

    My bad this morning, I blundered miss reading a message. Peace sent to all and reps sent to two of the members with a message sent to the other to message me when they have a slot open.
  3. bunnet

    Christmas Cease Fire

    Let me just say I'm working christmas and hogmanay. I'll be going on the drink on the night of the 1st of Jan and coming of it on the 5th. Please try and not be to sore on my nation :)     many thanks   Bunnet
  4. bunnet

    New Friends, Same Army.

    treaties are always nice, and good to make new friends. WAPA are still kicking around in the background, watch this space for new treaties :) Pansy, did I mention your a Pansy :)
  5. Dear o fekin dear, it's a game to see who can win in 60/90 days. Some are good some are shite, I've got a tough few wars but no complaints, BG came onto me, no complaint he's a legend in TE and a pleasure to be picked to war against. The three nations I declared on it's a pleasure to fight you. they are pixels and they are free lol It pisses me off losing them but no real big deal. Have a nice war all ;) :war: :war: :war: :war: :war: :war:
  6. The No.1 skaro nation wants peace !!!!!!!!!! something ain't right :gun:
  7. Nice fight guys. 3 worthy opponents. :) Peace sent to all.
  8. bunnet

    Early Christmas list

    What present can I get Paul1717171717171717171771717 :) I would like a bigger gun :war:
  9. bunnet

    A New Skaro

    very good Auctor lol, It must be open season on my nation, I'm still getting attacked from randoms.
  10. bunnet

    A New Skaro

    lol keep watching your back :war: :war: :war: :war: :war: :war: :war: :war: 
  11. bunnet

    A New Skaro

    If they don't stop attacking me I might just call in a few favours !!!!!!!!!!!! I join an alliance and stick with it for the round, good or bad and was left on my own against the TE Police, just sad Auctor never jumped my bones too :ph34r: The alliance has poor structure and leadership but it's all new nations and very inexperienced. If you want to move go and we will rebuild and take you on the level playing field. There will be retribution :)   Bunnet
  12. bunnet

    A Joint Policing

    Nice blitz, no complaints here, well done paul7117717171717 and claude :ph34r:
  13. Nice blitz on me, wasn't expecting to be attacked this morning :facepalm: schoolboy error lol
  14. oh dear, what a shambles. I sit back and await my slots being filled up :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
  15. bunnet

    Dinner is Served

    I've sent peace ans will instruct WAPA to do so.