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  1. The king is dead, long live the king. Good luck finding me.
  2. And in the background he calls for more cowardly sanctions from a corrupt senator.
  3. Big difference between being rouge and being a rogue. Unless, of course, you were a red scamp in which case you'd be a rouge rogue.
  4. Our new nations are ticking along nicely. Thanks for asking.
  5. Oh look, the R word again. Yawn. We spied, no denying that. Spying would have been the end of it. We gathered intelligence. Hardly crime of the century. Then TTE declared on us. They have called in help from another alliance because they are unable to keep 3 nations in anarchy. Now they have cried and called in sanctions because they are losing.
  6. Some pretty disgraceful abuse of sanction powers shown by senator Big Z today. You should hang your head in shame.
  7. But an alliance the size of TTE (85 nations when it started) should have been able to keep 3 nations in anarchy without having to call in the cavalry. Pretty lame that they couldn't. Furthermore be careful with Downs kids. They can give you one hell of a bear hug.
  8. Does this approach normally work for you? Do you find that repeating the same question over and over like a child in the back seat ever gets a response other than "shut up in the back or no cartoons for you when we get home!"?
  9. Wondered when you'd put your head above the parapets. Interesting that TTE aren't able to do it themselves against 3 whole nations. ETA I see you've sent your best men with 40m to burn and a stockpile of CM.
  10. The nations are sat in ROMA (and others) to avoid being attacked by UOKMB for being part of an alliance we are at war with. War runners are legitimate targets. The length of time is irrelevant. Our war has been ongoing for 45 days, the runners ran within that period. I've made a list, I've checked it twice. If they want to avoid being on the naughty list then they are welcome to surrender on this thread.
  11. Thanks for the stats. A few nations have deleted, as have the war records, so I would guess the ratio would be higher than that. With a few exceptions TTE have been dreadful fighters. Lots of inexperience shown in battle tactics and also in nation growth. The lack of aid for their nations is also astounding. Some nations I was fighting were bill locked and they got zero aid from their comrades. wrt not declaring on the runners ROMA the fact we're in anarchy might have something to do with it. We won't be engaged The Can. He's a good guy and fought with honour. He told us he was leaving beforehand and gave a reasonable reason. The other runners were instructed to leave by TTE (or go into PM) to give us fewer targets in range. To be fair the tactic nearly worked and it's the only thing they've done right in this sorry episode.
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