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  1. pjk11

    Who will win

    This sounds to me like an invitation from NoR to the Aevrum members to negotiate their own peace. I personally think that they should as a whole, or with leadership, come to the table and talk with NoR about the future.
  2. pjk11

    Who will win

    I would assume that they would need to surrender if they want any "aggressors" to stop attacking them.
  3. pjk11

    Who will win

    First aid package is on me meth! As long as you 1v1 Junka.
  4. pjk11

    Blackmail on white

    Oh, do you mean this message by any chance?
  5. pjk11

    Blackmail on white

  6. pjk11

    Blackmail on white

    Let me know when there are no longer veiled threats or dramatic intrigue.
  7. pjk11

    Blackmail on white

    Hmmmm.... are them's fightin' words?
  8. Aevrum would like to inform the masses that Noctis Lucis Caelum has been removed from the AA due to unauthorized activities. If anyone has any inquiries, please speak to me on private channels. Pjk11 - Archon
  9. pjk11

    Aevrum/Argent PIAT

  10. pjk11

    WAPA announcement

    As you reply with improper grammar.
  11. pjk11

    What should this war be called?

    I fear that nothing is obvious these days...
  12. pjk11

    What should this war be called?

    Agreed, he would probably peace out immediately.
  13. pjk11

    WAPA announcement

    You heard it first here folks, Alexio has the inside scoop! WAPA has been doing more than "very little" more to follow.