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  1. Requia

    Dark Templar Reparations

    We don't believe you. IE, we think you're a filthy liar that's going to take the offer off the table the second we accept. Find a way to convince us, or accept the offer we made. In the meantime, have a nice day, I'm done talking to you.
  2. Requia

    Dark Templar Reparations

    We accepted one of those terms. The terms were withdrawn after we accepted. The $%&@ off and refusing to talk are responses to that. You can offer us whatever you like, but we do not believe that a single offer you have made is genuine. You can either find a way to convince us you're making a genuine offer (I have no idea how you could do this, but its conceivable), or you can accept an offer we make. Throwing more offers that we don't expect you to actually sign is irrelevant. Also, you might want to drop the whole 'we attacked Legacy not CSN' talking point, its one of the sources o
  3. Requia

    Dark Templar Reparations

    @Myworld The problem with the terms you offer, is that we simply don't believe these offers are genuine. We accepted terms proposed by DT, and DT withdrew the terms. We have no real reason to accept any offer DT makes at this point.
  4. I was in those peace talks.
  5. We're not done. We're not even close to satisfied, DT can burn by paying reps or they can burn in a war, either way they don't get to walk away from this intact.
  6. That is not nearly the sole reason. It's not even the main reason. The main reason is that DT attacked during peace negotiations (and in case you're curious no, LoSS was not asked to pay reps). Next you have that they attacked Legacy looking for an easy fight, then tried to back out after we made it clear we wouldn't let them do that. Then of course there's the complete refusal to negotiate in good faith (which is admittedly a new issue). The ODP is more of a capstone on all that.
  7. RIA is Maroon, and therefore wins.
  8. Requia

    April Fools

    More importantly on the statistics, who got modded the most times?
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