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  1. I also assume that putting 7 year old nations with 0 Casualties again a nation that likely can afford to rebuy max statistics generals at minimum 10 times without heavily denting his experience levels(this is assuming that GPA ever gets a successful spy operation of course, which is unlikely in the next several months at least.), is also not a very intelligent move, as someone who is somewhat of an expert at roguing, you stop rogue attacks by actually providing a threat that the rogue finds unpalatable, and I am doubting that O ya is going to be saddened to hear that GPA is going to give him targets forever with plenty of land and tech for him to destroy.

    O ya baby mostly doesn't want to destroy tech and land, but rather to loot it - because that's how he grows.
    He can't do that if he's locked in nuclear anarchy fighting nations who are sitting on zero soldiers and just lobbing nukes at him.

    Again, we can afford the tech, infra, land and money losses. Can o ya baby afford to not be able to raid for the duration of this war that he's started?

    PS: What would you have suggested as an alternative strategy? That we simply roll over and let him loot as he pleases? Never going to happen.
  2. While personally, I want GPA to lose. I do have to ask one simple question, how many nations do you think you can throw at o ya baby before you start costing yourselves triple digit billions, all the while not dealing significant damage to him? RIA has been at war with DBDC for several months now, I can tell you that your strategy is going to do nothing to change any nation you put on O ya baby from not being able to do so a second time,(Unless you spend billions to do so, in which case, you're just weakening your position for future actions.)

    This isn't about destroying o ya baby's pixels, though that is a favourable side-effect of the strategy we've chosen to employ.
    RIA doesn't have the upper tier necessary to put our strategy to work against the whole of DBDC (no offense), so the comparison isn't a valid one in the slightest.

    You'd be surprised how easy it is for our nations to recover to the top 250 ranks after a statistical beat-down and perhaps by how hard it is for a nation in perpetual war to keep sending successful nuke attacks daily. The GPA can afford the losses we will incur, but can a rogue like this afford (and, indeed, endure) being stuck in nuclear anarchy for the next three months? What of the next six? The next twelve? The GPA is in this for the long haul and will do what is necessary to ensure that our nations are not assailed.
  3. It is still possible to win GA's with less infra.

    Yes, but when the opponent has as much land as does o ya baby, it becomes nearly impossible to win an offensive GA against him. There's also the matter that in order to launch ground attacks, you need soldiers and tanks - which opens you up to be looted, something we'd like to prevent the enemy from doing.

    Jerdge (while not an official spokesman) has more or less conveyed the opinion of the GPA Ministry of Defense already, so I'll leave it at that.
  4. ThRbroZ.png

    Announcement from the Green Protection Agency

    It has been a glorious seven years. However, after all this time, we have realized that we are no longer the strong community that we used to be, and as such, rather than collapsing through internal bickering and civil strife, we have decided to honourably disband our alliance, and in doing so prevent the sullying of the name of the Green Protection Agency.

    For the final time, farewell.

    The GPA AA shall remain active for the next days and weeks as our members figure out where to head to next. We ask that you do not send them recruitment messages - they wish to decide for themselves.

    Signed and Authorised for the Green Protection Agency,
    King Caladin I Imperatorius, Great Green Monarch
    Master Helpma, Vice-President of Boringness
    Sir Kurdanak, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Lancaster, 1st Viscount of the Marne, and Lord of Ireland
    Doctor LastoftheRomans D.F.A., Chancellor of the Exchequer and Bean Counting
    General Arrnea, Sinister Minister of Defense of the Green Protection Agency, President of the Republic of Jerna, Lord Grandmaster of the Order of the Snowflake, Defender of the Faithful and Supreme Bastion of Notoriety
    Marshal Jearilum, Chief of the GPA Secret Police and Proprietor of Many Gulags
    Lady TheCat, Minister of Many Cats
  5. [quote name='Louisa' timestamp='1318240704' post='2822083']
    It is pretty amazing that this happens every time. You post a weird thread, people ask what you think you are doing, you try to explain but only mess things up more, and after another round of laughter it is time for your balltaking and homegoing.
    Yes, well unfortunately there are some people who just cannot be explained to. <_<

  6. Oh my, seems Bern has backflipped from his stance of thinking this funny. Show's over, folks.
    Consider SOS' tech pools removed from this and my support for it withdrawn. Well played, people.

    And no, I'm not even going to go into the sheer volume of ways in which the accusations levelled at me have been way, way off the mark. Their sheer lunacy should be enough for the people I honestly give a rat's ass about to tell that they're wrong.

  7. [quote name='ShouAS' timestamp='1318173041' post='2821483']Bern used to lead SOS after Arrnea ran away after the SOS-NsO spat,
    Arrnea came back and couped Bern,
    Bern said "you know what this alliance is worthless" so left.
    Arrnea got butthurt
    and here we are.[/quote]
    Yeah, not even close. If Bern was thinking SOS was so worthless, [url=http://se.sosdancn.org/index.php?showtopic=3148]he wouldn't have tried to come back[/url] (albeit only to attempt to get the Chief's spot back by any means necessary) after resigning his post and making me Chief again when he had other matters to attend to.

    Also, I didn't run away, I had RL issues (health issues, to be precise) to deal with at the time and so could not fulfill my duties as Chief.

  8. [quote name='Haflinger' timestamp='1318164315' post='2821447']They don't want him nuked so bad, as you say. It was a joke.[/quote]
    It's not a joke, we actually [b]will[/b] pay the fund out to the person who fulfills all the conditions. It [b]is[/b] however not a malicious thing. As I pointed out earlier, Bern said he'd get a laugh out of it if the fund grew bigger than it was at the time (which it has), so here we are with a topic on the boards that most people seem to have misread. Typical of the Internet, really.

    [quote name='jerdge' timestamp='1318169265' post='2821466']Am I the only one that doesn't know the reason some people in the SOS Brigade want Bernkastel to be hit for?
    An explicit rationale would have been appreciated.[/quote]
    It's nothing personal, just a jolly old send-off for our ex-Chief. Purely professional. ^_^

  9. [quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1318149886' post='2821396']
    Is it a rogue attack if Bern agrees?
    You're still not reading. Whether or not Bern agrees is irrelevant. What's relevant is that Europa (or whatever alliance Bern is in at the time) has to have joined the Legion-Tetris war.

    I fear I ask too much when I ask some people to demonstrate basic comprehension skills. :huh:

  10. [quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1318147258' post='2821388']Here's me agreeing with Steve. Do it, Europa.[/quote]
    And here's you, still not reading.
    [quote name='Arrnea' timestamp='1318146935' post='2821385']There was a specific clause in the OP that means a rogue attack on Bernkastel would [b]not[/b] attract the prize:[/quote]
    That clause also means that Europa [b]actually has to join the war[/b] for it to be paid.

  11. [quote name='Ernesto Che Guevara' timestamp='1318147083' post='2821386']
    Did you include a section in the OP about teaching me how to read properly and not jump to conclusions?

    People wouldn't have read it even if I did. <_<

  12. [quote name='Ernesto Che Guevara' timestamp='1318146448' post='2821381']
    Things like this may encourage rogue actions there, bud. I was just stating fact.
    There was a specific clause in the OP that means a rogue attack on Bernkastel would [b]not[/b] attract the prize:[quote]in the event of [b]Europa[/b] (or whatever alliance the target may be in at that time) [b]joining the current Legion-Tetris war[/b][/quote]

  13. [quote name='Kellory' timestamp='1318117442' post='2821147']
    Nah, looks like there was some misunderstanding over what was and was not actually said there. Arrnea needs to read some of his conversations more carefully.
    For the record, every NsO member who contributed to this fund (and that have since been removed) knew exactly what it was they were contributing to.

    So no, there's been no misunderstanding here, just some backpedalling.

  14. Gee, people are such morons around here.

    This was not about nuke roguing Bernkastel. This was [b]never[/b] about enticing people to nuke rogue Bernkastel.
    This was for if an alliance went to war with Europa as a result of this war (since it was, at least at one point, quite likely that Europa would be going to war here) and in the course of that war effort nuked Bernkastel, that person would get a reward [b]to be paid at the end of all hostilities[/b].

    Nobody here has a sense of humor, apparently. Or the ability to read.

    Edit: Also, this:
    <Bernkastel[Europa]> I'm actually going to laugh if that pool grows. :v

  15. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1318100986' post='2820990']Pathetic, really, and this is coming from someone who's not exactly a huge Bern fan.[/quote]
    Hey, if we feel like giving a little token of appreciation to the person who ends up, in the course of this war, delivering a nuclear hello to our dear Bernkastel, what's it to you? <_<

    Oh right, you're a partisan hack who stormed out of the SOS Brigade without so much as a goodbye because you were passed over for promotion, so naturally you'd disapprove of what we do. How far you've fallen amazes me, Locke. Move along folks, nothing to see here. B-)

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