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  1. Only because I am too lazy to update it.

  2. Oh you should watch Pani Poni Dash. Be prepared for a LOT of fourth-wall breakage.

  3. Stop pretending to be Locke, it's extremely confusing.

  4. 100 posts in 24 hours?!

    Woah, dude.

  5. I got that avatar from Animesuki.

  6. *sigh* Not another Vader multi.

    *Arrnea chuckles.

  7. D´oh, BBCode doesn´t work in here.

  8. I don't think so, but it's possible. There's a lot of anime avatars in there.

  9. By profile picture, you mean the one that appears next to this comment on your profile page?

    If so, that's not Nanoha, that's Nagisa from Clannad.

  10. That's an awesome avvy too :P

  11. Nice profile picture. :awesome:

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