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  1. Now if you'd claimed to have your photograph taken with say the Unabomber we'd be a lot more suspicious. But this? Man.

    Do remember that the Unabomber was a professional academic and assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley and lectured in mathematics. It's not unreasonable that he would have had his photograph taken many times during his tenure there.

  2. I'm a full proponent of gay rights and all of that wonderful progressive stuff but really nobody has any right to be offended by this. People ought to take offense when somebody actively intends to put down a group of people by using a word, not simply because the word used has a nominal association with homophobia. If Kobe knew the referee was a homosexual and the idea was in his head when he said !@#$%^, then that is a bad thing, like if somebody called Kobe the n-word. It's something that is used as a generic putdown these days, no different than !@#$%^& or !@#$%^& or dickhead. If you're going to cause a fuss about something, cause a fuss about actual discrimination against gays.

    I'm going to have to agree with this entirely.

    Kobe Byrant may be a complete and utter jerk and contemptible for many, many reasons, but this just isn't one of them.

  3. Closest to Greens, furthest from Conservative.

    I was pretty close to BQ too, apart from the whole "Quebec should become a new nation lololol" which I strongly disagreed with.

    Edit: Also, for the lulz, it said my preferred PM was still Harper, since I know very little about the BQ/Green leaders and I know Ignatieff isn't able to be trusted worth his salt. Harper's at least somewhat competent, if a bit despotic.

    Edit2: Further, I'm not Canadian.

  4. I make a habit of buying at 3/50 from people in my own alliance, 3/100 from people outside. Increasing the profit of people in my own alliance doubles as extra development aid for those people, so what the hell.

    It also encourages our own sellers to do more of their deals internally, rather than externally, thus satisfying our tech needs as an alliance.

  5. ATTN: Government of Novus Niciae

    In the interest of Neko preservation, the Office of Emergency Response, in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Jerna has dispatched a shipment of radiation sickness treatment ampoules to Novus Niciae, capable of treating all but the worst cases of radiation sickness.


    Claire Tobias

    Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Jerna

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