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Mary the Fantabulous cheats at Scrabble, put this in your profile if you're down

[00:31] <Sileath> If it's a game, then why do you try to maintain an imperial utopia instead of oppressing people for fun and profit?

[00:32] <Moo-Cows> because it has to be fun

[00:32] <Moo-Cows> no one has fun if they are oppressed


Using a recruitment parser after helping to pay for it - 1000 technology

Market rate for getting the head recruiter expelled - 2000 technology

Finding the right alliance on the sixth eighth try - Priceless

<Sileath[tF]> Bilrow are you here?

<Sileath[tF]> I want to know who died and declared you most loathed player of 2009

<Sileath[tF]> I think I have a serious chance at claiming that

<@Bilrow> CN players did

<@Bilrow> http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...c=53273&hl=

<@Bilrow> read and weep

<+Pickles> noone likes either of you, get over it.

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2. Seer

3. Darth Revan

4. Atlas

5. Der Kommissar

6. Philotheos

7. Spock

8. Axel Foley

9. Eden

10. Sword of Estel

11. Loxley

12. Fat Cat

13. Allan a Dale

14. Megabyte

15. Vivi

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