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  1. Two wars were peaced out, another war was declared. Kingzog, try to include at least some real content in what you post, thanks.
  2. I have one open defensive slot. And lol @ fully retaliate, that means let me win some more ground attacks? I'm down.
  3. I have declared war on your attacker. For great justice!
  4. What does it appear I want? Forgiveness? Respect? Just keepin' it real like I always do.
  5. I did not contradict Doitzel. He provided a log, and I clarified the context behind it. Where do I demand that I should be absolved?
  6. Keep avoiding the whole "use specifics" thing, it works wonders at masking ignorance. I regretted my actions against NPO for quite a while, but did not apologize to them until a month ago. I'm sure if I had done it at any other time, it also would be perceived as opportunistic by you due to your agenda.
  7. Well there's news you can use. No, I'm not joining WOLF. Please don't try to recruit me in my ZI thread.
  8. Spying, in my opinion, means I took something from an alliance I was in, with access I had, and passed it to someone else. In the situation of the infra calculator, it was hosted on a public website and I passed the address after I had left. With the picture which was used in TWiP, I received that from someone who already had access, I did not take it myself. Edit: Yes, I do have an issue with spying. You are confusing it with poaching which I have no issue with and engage in flamboyantly whenever possible. You'll notice I don't apologize much, because I don't regret much. The actions I too
  9. I apologized of my own volition on the NPO forums about a month ago. I was not required by NSO to apologize at the time. Yes, I do regret it. You can go ahead and keep up the glittering generalizations or you can say something specific. I don't "grandstand," I post when I have something to say, and I make a thread when I do something notable. Just because you no longer do notable things, and therefore have less of a reason to post, does not mean that I am grandstanding.
  10. Or, you challenged Margrave for Internal Affairs Marauder and I didn't support your challenge, so you lost, then you left.
  11. What you are referring to is my giving the web address to the off-site NPO infrastructure calculator to Blackstone shortly after I left and, yes, you guessed it, NPO knows about that too and I apologized to them for it.
  12. I like how the people who dislike you are less credible than the people who dislike me, because you're the "lost legend" or something of the sort. I never passed info from within an alliance It is true I passed info from NPO after leaving, most notably the dunce cap image created by MaskofBlue, which I sent to Fark and to Schattenmann for use in the issue of TWiP in which I was featured. And yes, I told Moo about this an apologized for it months ago.
  13. I edited the post above to reflect that I cannot find OWF evidence of me saying this to Rey. John/Dragon/GtG would be your best bets. Due to your reaction to this, there will be an immediate moratorium on negative comments from me directed at Mushroom Kingdom.
  14. Here's a post of Tyler implying that I am correct in my assertion that he is bribing Athens to get me expelled. I'll see if I can find a post of me saying the same to Rey. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...t&p=1642681 Edit: After going through my post history I don't believe I levied this charge against Rey on the OWF. Ask john and/or Dragon (or GtG because I told him about it too) if you want to know more about this.
  15. None that I still have access to. I believe Dragon of Athens may still have the IRC logs of the meeting that took place. Dragon and john were both approached with that offer if I recall correctly. I may have referenced this incident in earlier posts, I can search for those if you like.
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