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  1. What Im wondering is how that would ever happen.

    Like how would any color ever find the legitimacy to declare

    war on a whole other sphere?

    Also it seems to me that treaties get in the way

    of there ever being a color war.

    If that ever did happen it'd be a bit funny.

    Like say blue went to war with gray and all of a sudden

    gray loses the war and is forced to join blue then gray

    would not have any nations within it which would mean that a whole

    color in the game is destroyed. The downside is that there is then no

    individualism in the game, but the upside is that now

    we can all trade with one another. More traders

    equals better chance of getting the trade you want.

  2. They may serve as gaining a 'moral high ground', but more often than not treaties just serve to justify what the alliance was going to do anyway, and if they don't then they are ignored or revoked.

    Then again you're right; I feel you on that.

    Aside: Perhaps there is a conspiracy afoot?

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