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  1. sffc1

    Game captcha not displaying image

    Thanks for fixing this, admin! Sorry for not replying sooner! Nation inflow is back to normal. 😊
  2. sffc1

    Game captcha not displaying image

    There is indeed a CAPTCHA on the registration screen:
  3. sffc1

    Game captcha not displaying image

    I noticed that there were no new nations created on 7/26/2018 and only two so far on 7/27/2018. That is very unusual. Could this be the cause?
  4. See here: http://www.cybernations.net/invite_friends.asp#banners0 It says "Please Update Your Account To Enable 3rd Party Hosting".
  5. STA is disbanding :( I've been both a diplomat to STA and at war with STA in the past, and you always had high ethical standards, something this world always needs more of. CN will miss you.
  6. According to the 2009 game update log,     I had the "Change Threat Level" spy attack performed against my nation a few days ago.  The only other spy operations that were successful against my nation included Assassinate Generals, Gather Intelligence, and Destroy Money Reserves.  However, when I go to the "Edit My Nation" page, it appears to allow me to change my threat level, but under "Government Type", it says,     Is there a mixup in the code that makes Change Threat Level lock the government type rather than the threat level?
  7. sffc1

    DOE/DOW CN-Rangers

      Indeed, or about 1 post per year.  I watch quietly from the sidelines and only speak to fight against trolls. ^_^
  8. sffc1

    DOE/DOW CN-Rangers

    Thorgrum's CB is reasonable, and that should be respected.  Stop calling him a rogue.
  9. I've said it before.  Stop doubting yourself. IRON is the right alliance for you to join.   http://ironcentral.org/
  10. Stop doubting yourself. IRON is the right alliance for you to join.   http://ironcentral.org/
  11. sffc1

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    I feel like IRON's epic pwnage of Survivor Lifeboat has overshadowed the fact that IRON overtook the top spot for total alliance membership count a few days ago and is now 16 nations ahead of NPO.  :awesome:
  12. What an exciting time for Athens, =LOST= and Greenland Republic! As one AA, you will certainly continue your trek to the top
  13. sffc1

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    I am proud to wish the New Polar Order a third birthday in my first post on these forums. I certainly chose the best alliance ever when Blueport was first established several months ago. Long Live Polaris!