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  1. This makes me sad as well. Good luck tR.
  2. Glad to see this up Congrats! o/ GND o/ ODN
  3. Wait, who suckered me into this?
  4. Go Go Democracy! Also, so ends an era in ODN history. Seeing Arsenal go is sad, but we have full faith in Os! o/ ODN o/ Arsenal o/ Os
  5. o/ FEAR o/ CnG I look forward to completing the trilogy FEAR In all seriousness, you guys are awesome. Till next time, FEAR.
  6. [quote name='kencojenko' date='23 February 2010 - 11:56 PM' timestamp='1266987620' post='2200580'] where did i say we had no reason? We would come in to help neutralise a future threat in the polar - \m/ war. There's your damn reasoning. But i already know that you wont accept that. [/quote] Right, but you see, your statement is entirely hypocritical. What your saying is it is ok for you to come in and damage us and then expect to get white peace out of it when you loose. It's perfectly fine if you wanted to give us white peace after you had beaten us. But you didn't. And now you should
  7. The declarations by TOP and IRON are enough alone to argue against their wanting white peace from the start. That seems like a silly argument to me.
  8. It's a shame to see so many TOP people acting childish in this thread. Good luck FOK. We know this was a hard decision. Thanks for standing up for what you believe is right and defending your ally.
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