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  1. [quote name='Mustakrakish II' timestamp='1237327561' post='1343774'] I believe that one large alliance that has a decisive hold of power in the game is infact a "bad egg" so to say. It creates boredom as everyone not allied to the big guys are afraid to do anything, and the ones that do something are easily crushed. As for the alliances that are allied to the bigger ones, they have the ability to prosper, even through wars, and if they even start to become a threat, they can easily be crushed. I think the admin should create a Cybernations "World 2" to hopefully bring competition back to th
  2. Be honest, have you ever been to a haberdashery?

  3. King Croixy likes this. If only there was a *hail* smiley, then I'd be able to spam it. U7 The New Polar Order and FAR
  4. Why does this remind me of GRAN? U7 Avalanche
  5. When an alliance fights on both sides, and they end up attacking nations [i] in their own alliance. [/i] As far as I can tell, this hasn't happened yet, but I may be wrong.
  6. Interesting Read Good Sir. Honestly I have no idea how to subscribe to a blog though.
  7. Hey buddy, hows things?

  8. Hai thar Vilien.

    'member me?

  9. Hullo thar. Been a while eh?

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