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  1. deathman1212

    A sad day.

    Sad day today, OG expelled from citadel. I haven't been around for all the run-up to this as a relitivly new player but its been sad to see a founding member of a bloc voted out. I guess this has been coming for a while then I guess, people are saying this the because of 9 months of run-up. I donno, I just donno. Hopefully citadel can now move forward and prosper further, what the future holds? We shall see.
  2. I was reading a very interesting thing about what will happen after this. What is the interest levels of people in the game going to be like now we don't have a big baddie? I mean, it's been great fun but now that NPO are gone, who will we conspire against? Rally against and grow to destroy? I think NPO will rise again - given time, lots of time - but for the year, year and a half needed for this what will we do? Signing on to pay bills and collect every 18 sounds like great fun. Personally, I don't see anyone being big enough to do it on their own, it's going to be blocs but it's will be like this years F1. Brawn are winning, but people aren't much slower. laters, death.
  3. deathman1212


    Hehe, I was shown it on irc, and as a lover of FF, I just had to share it
  4. deathman1212


    Hey guys, Well, it happened. As of today, Argent are offically in Citadel. I personally have the utmost respect for all the citadel alliances and i'm very proud to call myself a member of Argent/Citadel member right now. I'm very estatic right now, this has been a long road and we've reached the goal. I've got my pizza in one hand (pepperoni and extra cheese of course) and a bottle of J20 in the other and chillin on irc. laters, -death Lulzy pic of the post:
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