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  1. Takes too long to make responses when the forum blows them up just before posting...

  2. Feels like I was playing chess for a couple of days until someone knocked the pieces to the ground before my gambit started to pay off. D'oh!

  3. It's logic like that which allows many to come to the conclusion that those who claim that they were taken by UFOs are correct because there are so many who claimed it. Even if 500 was an accurate number, there's no evidence that who they saw was actually Jesus, or someone who looked like Jesus. Edit: in response to the post below me, it's weird how often people have changes of heart when their words could conceivably not be their own... For instance, a friend of mine said he was stronger than me, until he died. Now he tells me that I'm stronger and much more handsome. There is nothing he
  4. Yeah, parents indeed play a part. In fact, if there's any banning of happy meals to be done, it should be by parents. So close, and yet, so far...
  5. Well, I just heard about San Francisco attempting to ban happy meals. If there is any wonder why, we'll have to look at a concept that should be quite familiar to the onling world. The random drop. While training animals (of which people are a part), there must be a goal to be obtained. There must also be an incentive to reach that goal. Usually, it's a clicker, followed immediately by food. The animals associate the noise of the clicker with receiving food. This is called a conditioned stimulus. The whole point of conditioning the stimulus is for the animal to continue doing what you
  6. Ruler Name: Officer1473 Nation Link: [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=215185"]Link[/url] Resource 1: Rubber Resource 2: Wheat Circle Interested in: B2
  7. In a study published last week, it was verified that there was millions of barrels remaining in the ocean. It indicated that there was little signs of reduction in oxygen concentration, which would indicate that microbes that feed on the oil were not present. Put another way, the 22-mile long oil plume was going to remain in the ocean for the time being... However, we can safely disregard that study, as another study released 4 days ago conclusively finds that not only is there evidence of microbes in the area, but they were working at degrading the oil faster than expected. The time frame
  8. Didn't STA only respond because of the "Attacktorate" on GGA? It's not that they were protecting GGA, they just didn't want the "attacktorate" to become the Status quo by raiding alliances. \m/ did something, STA responded by saying "don't do that". \m/ stopped doing it.
  9. Wait... Park Place? Insert joke about Monopoly here. It has been said that any publicity is good publicity. In this case, I'd wholly disagree. By fighting against the "mosque" being built because it's near ground zero, those who follow radicalized versions of Islam have yet another reason to be upset with the western world. Turning the other cheek in this case would have been the perfect response.
  10. "to suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree. " - Charles Darwin Wait... what? Darwin thought that evolution was absurd? Well, according to Answers in Genesis (and billions of other websites), that's all that he said. Wait, there's a whole other paragraph that follows it... Yet reason tells me, that if numero
  11. In a classic case of double confirmation bias, two groups are able to use a single incident to show how the other group is nothing but a bunch of liars. Those who use climategate to support their ideas of a conspiracy in Climatology found that many of the words used sounded bad. This despite the actual words having entirely different meanings than what laymen understand. Those who use climategate to show that the deniers are able to use misunderstood words were found to be factual. Let's look at the most popular quote... "I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real t
  12. "All science would be superfluous if the outward appearance and the essence of things coincided directly." - Karl Marx (Thanks Vladimir) Sometimes, our worldview is challenged by a field in science. Science would be so much easier if it matched our preconceived notions of how the world works. However, as we have observed in our history, what we see is not always all that is to be seen. The easiest way to fix that problem is to just flat out ignore it. We humans are a superstitious bunch, and not without purpose. Our ability to learn from others, including those that were our ancestors, i
  13. Oh wait, that's not the purpose of the study? It's to once again test the power of prayers for healing. Deja vu. Wasn't there a similar study previously that failed? Oh, this one's different. It actually passed. Wait... what? "Western and Mozambican Iris and Global Awakening [two evangelical/missionary organizations that cooperated with the research] leaders and affiliates who administered PIP all used a similar protocol. They typically spent 1-15 minutes (sometimes an hour or more, circumstances permitting) administering PIP. They placed their hands on the recipient's head an
  14. Ha, now that's Bad Science®! If the world was created 6,000 years ago, or 10 seconds ago, it would make no difference. The evidence suggests that the fossils were there prior to that. So there is no difference between believing the Earth was created "with age" and the Earth being as old as the evidence shows. Though, it does take mental gymnastics to come up with a reason why that would be the case.
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