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  1. [quote name='EgoFreaky' timestamp='1325099446' post='2888090']
    Wow.. have you LOOKED at this war? You really expect us to give people a fair fight? Declare equal or up opposed to down? not using EVERY advantage we can including taking FOK up on their offer to take anyone who counters us (big or small doesn't matter). CSN has been preempted not once but twice this war, MHA got preempted (both our allies) and to be fair on the other side NPO got preempted as well.

    Most of our allies are being dogpiled.. but yeah.. our downdeclares and neutralizing the counter on us .. bad us, why we no fight fair..

    I commend TSA for their acction, attacking us took balls but the minute you did you where the enemy and thus the objective was to get you out of the war ASAP with any means. CN wars are just a game of stats, your side has more ours has less. It's much more effective to get your entire alliance with all its stats out soon then spend 3 weeks fighting "fair" and doing damage to you while taking it ourselves.

    You talk about the spirit of the game being a fair fight? Come back when your side doesn't outnumber ours 4 to 1.

    Declaring on every alliance in the war would be a brave move for us but wouldn't help anyone, burning right next to our allies wouldn't be smart. Picking our targets and effectively shutting them down ([b]as we did seeing both asgaard and loss have no offensive wars on RIA anymore[/b]) helps them more then just go down for the sake of glory.

    And whats with all the comments on the downdeclaring.. OF COURSE we downdeclared on our target alliances.. why would we give up the biggest advantage we have the one of being able to pick the best match-ups.

    Or maybe i'm looking at it all wrong.. maybe we should demand that Umbrella starts to sell their tech because it gives them an unfair advantage :rolleyes:

    Just wanted to correct the bolded part above, Asgaard has never been at war with RIA. We are at war with GOD and R&R. And we no longer have any wars with them because until the peacemode warriors come out, there is no one to hit in GOD, Valhalla, Basketball Ninjas, SC and NEAT have GOD covered. So we moved over to focus on R&R.

  2. [quote]NATO - 4
    Global Order of Darkness - 7
    We Are Perth Army - 5
    The Phoenix Federation - 5
    Regnum Invictorum(Invicta) -4
    New Sith Order - 6
    The Resistance - 5
    Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism - 5
    Monos Archein - 4
    Valhalla -5
    United Commonwealth of Nations -5
    Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics -4
    \m/ - 8
    Order of the Black Rose - 8
    Echelon - 4
    The Corporation - 6[/quote]

    I am glad to see my alliance has generated some discussion, and happy to see that for the most part the people that know us have rated us fairly well. This thread has also led me to talk to people I would probably not have otherwise gotten to know. I still consider that Planet Bob has much to teach me, and I know LW, Musta and I have learned from this topic.

    Also, Asgaard prides itself on allowing it's members to voice their opinions here, on our forums and on IRC. I may not agree with what Commander Thrawn has said in this thread, but I firmly believe in his right to say it.

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