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  1. Myth, unfortunately GGA is gone, otherwise they would be perfect for your talents
  2. [quote name='EgoFreaky' timestamp='1325099446' post='2888090'] Wow.. have you LOOKED at this war? You really expect us to give people a fair fight? Declare equal or up opposed to down? not using EVERY advantage we can including taking FOK up on their offer to take anyone who counters us (big or small doesn't matter). CSN has been preempted not once but twice this war, MHA got preempted (both our allies) and to be fair on the other side NPO got preempted as well. Most of our allies are being dogpiled.. but yeah.. our downdeclares and neutralizing the counter on us .. bad us, why we no fight
  3. Still the best Viking Alliance, and a great alliance to get to know how to navigate the treacherous waters of Planet Bob.
  4. TY for the Friendly bump. Still the best Viking alliance!
  5. Sucks to have a 100K member decide to go rogue, but that is the breaks. I thought for sure we were gonna have biggest loser locked up
  6. I'll Nuke Lonewolfe if it will help?
  7. As a clarification,the NOIR treaty does not say NOIR signatories would protect Black nations from Tech Raiding. It does say NOIR signatories are not allowed to tech raid black nations. As an alliance who has been on Maroon and Black, I will say that the NOIR application process and the SPAM/MEP process were about the same.
  8. I have to say I am not shocked at all that he left you high and dry BCOM. He did the same thing to us, saying he had to go inactive due to RL reasons, then two days later joining BCOM as MoFA. It is pretty much the way BM operates. Happy Hunting GOONS!
  9. [quote]NATO - 4 Global Order of Darkness - 7 We Are Perth Army - 5 The Phoenix Federation - 5 Regnum Invictorum(Invicta) -4 New Sith Order - 6 The Resistance - 5 Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism - 5 Monos Archein - 4 Valhalla -5 United Commonwealth of Nations -5 Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics -4 \m/ - 8 Order of the Black Rose - 8 Echelon - 4 The Corporation - 6[/quote] I am glad to see my alliance has generated some discussion, and happy to see that for the most part the people that know us have rated us fairly well. This thread has also led me to talk t
  10. Sorry to see FCO go. You were a great bunch. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  11. Glad to see this! OBR was very helpful in our move to black, and it is good to see our relations formalized. o/ OBR
  12. Well, I know for a fact Legion rejected peace with neutrality clause.
  13. also, for the people who so vocally pointed out in other threads, if there are conditions, it is not white peace. We prefer Argyle peace because of the neutrality clause.
  14. need to take legion off of the list, their acceptance of peace from anyone would be veto'd by their council.
  15. To all that fought bravely on both sides, o/ to THE LEGION: Your nations fought bravely and well, you have earned your capitals.
  16. I will say this for Legion, they are punctual. 30 minutes before update, CM attacks, Aircraft attacks. Immediately after update, really pretty fireworks. Your allies are lucky to have you.
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