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     The Hillbilly Coalition was recently tech raided "by mistake" but after reviewing the situation it appears The Imperial Entente  makes a habit in hitting smaller alliances and then asking for peace. It cant be called a tech raid because the nation they hit didn't have any tech but I guess that is not the moral of the story. We don't take kindly to being viewed as easy targets from another micro alliance and figured might as well give them a lesson in leadership. If you want to play war games at least be ready when you hit the wrong group.  THC is meant to be enjoyed and shared  so next time maybe knock on the door and visit a while in stead of coming up and kicking our smallest nation in the teeth .. on 4/20 of all days.  THC recognized a state of WAR with TIE lets see what you guys are made of.  Come on  you have to admit  we all love to see a little micro drama the only difference here is we don't like to run our mouth but we will defend ourselves.


    The Hillbilly Coalition

    President  Rattlehead

    Vice President  Shavar

    Military Guy  Thom98

    nation with no title  The Reaper




  2. 48 minutes ago, Mogar said:

    the dopest thing about horses is that they’re basically grass engines

    like, grass goes in, fast comes out

    most things that produce fast (like cheetahs, and cars) use much more heavily processed grass, like horses, and oil

    and yet here horses are, producing The Fast with only The Grass



     that is exactly what I was about to say ..  so  ahhh yeah ..  I need a drink now

  3.  Well here we go again,  I am looking forward to seeing what this run turns into, Thanks is needed to a few here CotM starting off with for standing behind us as we get things lined out and also Last Call for having our backs while we struggled getting this thing off the ground earlier.   Never easy starting an alliance but when you have more friends then what u need is a great situation to be in. We appreciate Protectors current and past and will always remain grateful.  Now where is the shine I need top get to  steppin




  4. 7 hours ago, Petro said:


    So TSC was aware that Mic's former alliance was at war with Oculus? I'm confused with all the conflicting statements.

     Being the super active guy that I am (sarcasm) I didn't know anything about his past. Once it was brought up I wanted to know what the deal was ...but we can all see that is a mute point and now is not the time to nit pick he said this/ they said that/ could a,should a,would a blah blah blah.   Let's just fight it out have fun dust off when it is over and move along. 

  5.   Well my mind wasn't made up, it would have been nice to find out why Mic left his old alliance while at war.. but seeing the fire flying makes that a mute point and we cant just sit back and take a whipping without at least throwing a few punches ourselves.  Anyway ... Here's to glowing fish and higher casualty counts ...  oh yeah  hi to all of my friends in Sangoku you guys have taught me alot about this world and  there is no better people to fight then people you know.




     plus the first round of beer is on President SO  when this clears out 

  6.  WOW !!!  Not only are you leaving TSO hanging, what about Sandstorm and NADC?  They went to war in honor of the treaty they hold with a mutual ally.    Do you agree with TSO ... Who cares  that is what should be thought about when signing treaties .. not when deciding war.  Lets hope your other friends repay the favor when you need them.   

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