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  1. If you think that one's bad (which to be fair, I haven't seen it so I can't judge this one properly), then you haven't watched very many super hero movies. I'm one of those people that will watch pretty much anything once, and from my experiences with super hero movies, most of them are pretty terrible.
  2. Yeah, I noticed that. I won't complain about seeing both of us on that list somewhere. Something about it just feels right. By the way, it is a rather interesting (albeit, unofficial) rebuilding race our two aa's have going. I've noticed the alliance with the higher ANS keeps switching every few days.
  3. Yeah... I remember my first nation... honestly don't remember the name of the second... they got deleted at 2 days and 0 days old, respectively. On a completely unrelated note, I used to have an alliance with several friends and friends of friends. It was good fun for a couple years, as most of us stuck around for a while. At our peak there were about 20 of us (out of 25 in our alliance) that all knew each other. It made the few small skirmishes we got in to a blast. It's pretty awesome when 80% of your alliance members have the ability to call each other, much less find a way to coordinate.
  4. It's all about how you present yourself. For every new player that gets ridiculed, there are ten that do not. Out of the 10k or so players that play this game, perhaps 2% of them post on the OWF, so the OWF is hardly a good indication of how (any) players are treated. In this forum, most arguments are based on associations with opposing factions. You do not get these types of arguments on alliance forums. In DT, a high ANS and experienced alliance, you don't find this kind of bigotry, and I'm sure we're not unique in this regard. Every alliance likes to get some new blood that makes an effort
  5. Fustercluck is one of two words that come to mind.
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