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  1. How's the war going? I miss you :(

  2. I also have a poor memory. You're very popular!

  3. I'm good :) Do you remember me?

  4. Hi Sargun. How's it going?

  5. Hola Inferno, como estas?

  6. Hi there, how's it going?

  7. Hi Shuru. Happy Monday!

  8. I see you lurking... howdy!

  9. Hi Decker, haven't talked to you in a while. How are things going?

  10. Hey look, it's a Carter.

  11. Thanks for your prompt reply. :)

  12. Retired mod shouldn't be retired.

  13. Hello there, Snape.

  14. I'm great! Finally discovering the CN forums again...XD

  15. I'm roaming the countryside! Want some lemonade?

  16. Hello, Shuru. How are you?

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